Quite a while ago I went to a really amazing concert in a former church in Frankfurt, called St. Peter. The band that was playing was Silverstein.

The Canadian Post-hardcore band was funded in 2000 in Burlington, Ontario, and consists of the original founding members Shane Told (vocals), Josh Bradford (guitar), Paul Koehler (drums), Bill Hamilton (bass) and Paul Marc Rousseau (guitar) who joined the band in 2013. Musically, they combine genres such as hardcore, metal and emo. However, the band itself stated to be influenced by many different artists and genres such as post-hardcore, screamo, indie rock and hardcore punk.

So far, the band released nine studio albums. The first one, called ‘When Broken Is Easily Fixed’, was recorded in 2003 at Unity Gain and Mount Fairview studios after two previously released EP’s (‘Summer’s Stellar Gaze’ and ‘When The Shadows Beam’) and released via Victory Records. The style of this album is seen as a newer different post-hardcore and screamo. In 2005 the second album ‘Discovering The Waterfront’ was released via Victory Records, showing some differences musically. The album contains more energetic songs with a faster pace as well as more punk rock aspects, which opened up to a broader audience. Hence, in 2006 the band toured with the Vans Wrapped Tour through the USA and released a compilation album ’18 Candles: The Early Years’ which included the first two self-financed EPs as well as various alternate versions of songs from their first two studio albums. One year later in 2007, the band released their third full-length album called ‘Arrivals And Depatures’ via Victory Records. The Album was produced by Mark Trombino and sold over 27.000 times in the first week. Afterwards, they toured through the USA, parts of Europe and Australia with bands such as Rise Against, Blessthefall, The Devil Wears Prada, A Day To Remember and Pierce The Veil. Following a short creative break, the fourth album was announced to be released in 2009 and was called ‘A Shipwreck In The Sand’ (Victoria Records). Afterwards, they again started touring with different bands as well as they had some concerts at Vans Wrapped Tour and a solo tour which was recorded and released as live DVD in 2010. The band released their fifth album ‘Rescue’ which was originally planned to be called ‘Set This All Ablaze’ (Fearless Records / Universal Music) in 2011, after another EP ‘Transitions’ (2010) which already included some of the new album’s songs. An additional EP and the sixth album ‘Short Songs’ with 22 songs under 90 seconds was released later during the same year and supported by another tour called ‘Short Tour’. Shortly after they finished their tour, the band announced the departure of their former guitarist and announced Paul Marc Rousseau as their new guitarist. With this change, the seventh album ‘This Is How The Wind Shifts’ (Fearless Records) was released in 2013 and followed by touring with Vans Wraped Tour as well as further special and re-releases of former albums. Throughout 2014 Silverstein toured worldwide and set up a European tour which I was lucky to join 🙂 In 2015, the band’s eighth studio album ‘I Am Alive In Everything I Touch’ (BMG Rights Management / Warner Music) was released and followed by three music videos of the singles. Their newest and ninth album ‘Dead Reflection’ (BMG Rights Management / Warner Music) was released just a few months ago in July 2017.


The concert I went to was located in a former local Christian church in Frankfurt called Peterskirche which was built between 1891 and 1894. However, between 2004 and 2007 the church was rebuilt as youth and culture church Sankt Peter. They now offer cultural events, workshops, church services and catering. The nave is now the venue for different events such as concerts and fits around 1000 people. The light show and acoustic provided have been really good and made the time at the venue quite special.


Silverstein in Frankfurt


Shane Told of Silverstein


Paul Marc Rousseau of Silverstein


Shane Told vocalist


Shane Told and Josh Bradford




Supporting Silverstein, Lonely The Brave and As It Is came along as special guests opening the evening.

First band on the stage has been As It Is, a British alternative punk rock band which I will talk about in a separate post as well.


As It Is opening the stage


Lonely The Brave, who I’ve previously have seen in Coventry as supporting act for Deaf Havana, went on stage right after As It Is. Lonely The Brave is a British rock band from Cambridge, founded in 2013 by David Jakes (vocals), Mark Trotter (guitar), Andrew Bushen (bass) and Gavin Edgely (drums). Right after their formation they were able to play at the Download Festival in the UK followed by some concerts in Europe with the Deftones. 2013, the EP ‘Backroads’ was released via Hassle Records followed by further concerts and a solo tour in the UK. In the following year the band had some concerts at festivals such as Rock am Ring / Rock im Park, Pukkelpop as well as Reading and Leeds Festival. They also released their debut album ‘The Day’s War’ (2014) which charted on 14 of the British Album Charts and was followed by more concerts as main support of the British alternative rock band Deaf Havana in 2014 in the UK. One of these concerts was in Coventry where I went to.


Lonely The Brave enjying the stage


The third and main band for the evening was Silverstein. After the first two bands already hyped up the crowd and got them moving a lot, the people seemed to have even more power left for Silverstein. Everyone clapped and sung along, there have been crowd surfers and circle pits which created a magical atmosphere. The atmosphere was really great as well! It was definitely a special time visiting the concert with great performances, an amazing atmosphere and loads of awesome music. I always appreciate bands that show how much fun they have on stage and so far I was absolutely lucky to have been experiencing that at every concert I went to 🙂


Silverstein having fun


Shane Told and Josh Bradford


Great vibes


Great show and the band enjoying the stage


Shane Told having fun


Paul Marc Rousseau enjying the stage


Amazing performance


Silverstein having fun on stage


Amazing show


Great show


Silverstein having a great time


Great performance


Shane Told



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