Layered – photo challenge

After a one-week break, there is a new topic for the Daily Mail’s photo challenge 🙂 This week was about something ‘layered‘. Nature shows soo many great and fascinating facets when you take a proper look and enjoy what surrounds you. Now, with autumn around the corner, leaves are falling covering the floor with many layers so the flowers need a little bit longer to peak through. Those flowers themselves have layers of small and soft leaves that show their colourful inside when they open up. However, not only the flora offers many great and beautiful layers. The earth itself consists of different layers, the stone was built out of different layers throughout different decades and centuries. After the influence of the cold, sun wind and rain they might come back to light after hundreds of years. The change of the earth can be very fascinating by having a closer look. Visiting those wonderful places was a special time for sure!  So here are my pictures for this week’s photo challenge:


Beautiful Dahlia with many layers of colourful leaves


Different layers of stone – Clovelly, Devon UK


Huge pices of layered stone – Heartland Quay, Devon UK



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