Yesterday, I went to the Blessthefall concert in the Underworld, Camden. It was a really nice evening with an energetic crow and great music.

Blessthefall is a metalcore band from Arizona, Phoenix (USA) who have been building a strong foundation and fanbase since their formation in 2003. After a slight change of the lineup, the group now consists of Beau Bokan (lead vocals), Eric Lambert (guitar), Jared Warth (bass/vocals), Matt Traynor (drums) and Elliott Gruenberg (guitar). So far, they released five studio albums which are ‘His Last Walk’ (2007 via Science Records), ‘Witness’ (2009 via Fearless Records), ‘Awakening’ (2011 via Fearless Records), ‘Hollow Bodies’ (2013 via Fearless Records) and ‘To Those Left Behind’ (2015 via Fearless Records). Between each record the band toured with different artists such as Silverstein, Enter Shikari, Vanna, Of Mice And Men, Motionless In White, The Word Alive, Tonight Alive, Crown The Empire, Too Close To Touch and New Years Day within the USA and around Europe. Furthermore, they attended Vans Wraped Tour in 2013, 2014, 2015 and announced to be part of the tour in 2017. Musically, Blessthefall mixes elements of screamo, metalcore and post-hardcore. Their newer work shows a very well balanced mix of screamed vocals with clear vocals in the refrains. The lyrics are supported by a melancholic, but also heavy and dark guitar sound with breakdowns in the bridges.

At the concert in Camden Blessthefall’s performance was really great. The band had loads of energy and seemed to enjoy their time on stage. They played a good mix of their newer songs and some of their older parts which was greatly appreciated by the fanbase. The crowd was absolutely amazed by the performance. The whole club sang along and engaged in the performance. There was a lot of crowd surfing, jumping and circle pits. The crowd surfers were greeted on stage by the band members, who were really happy about the energy of their audience.

It was an absolute blast to be part of the concert and I definitely had a special time. With the music and the engagement of the crowd there was a great atmosphere with kind of magical vibes.


Blessthefall – Camden


Great atmosphere during the concert


Engaging with the crowd


Beau Bokan having a blast on stage


Good vibes


Energetic crowd


Blessthefall living their music


Beau Bokan enjoying the stage


Great atmosphere


Great concert


Energetic vibes


However, before the main act entered the stage, there have been two special guest for the evening. The first band, who opened the stage, was Confessions Of A Traitor. The quintet from Essex, London (UK) was formed in 2013 and consists of the members Stephen MacConville (Vocals), Jack Darnell (Guitar), Tony Nagle (Bass), Dominic Pool (Guitar) and Seb Olrog (Drums). So far, the band released two EP’s which are ‘Seasons’ (2014) and ‘Illuminate’ (2017 via Sliptrick Records). Musically, they can be classified as metal- or hardcore band who have created their own unique sound. The mainly screamed lyrics are underlined by dark and heavy sounding guitars. Especially the live performances stand out regarding the energy and power the bands brings up on stage. Stephen MacConville was joining the crowd a lot, running around in the circle pit, walking through the crowd and jumping n as well as off the stage quite often, keeping the energy level high. The tactic worked very well and they had the full attention of the audience, joining their performance, singing along and jumping around. Everyone seemed to have lots of fun and enjoyed the evening.


Confessions Of A Traitor


Great energy during Confessions Of A Traitor’s performance


Confessions Of A Traitor enjoying the stage


The second band of the evening was Blood Youth, post-hardcore band from Harrogate, UK. The band was formed in 2014 and are musically described as good trash or triple dragon, showing influences of melodic hardcore, hardcore punk, metalcore and post-hardcore. They mix elements of screamed and clear vocals, with heavy sounding guitars. The melodic choruses create soft contrasts to the mainly screamed verses which creates a very nice sometimes melancholic vibe in general. At the moment, the band consists of Kaya Tarsus (vocals), Chris Pritchard (guitar) and Sam Hallett (drums). They have just released their debut album ‘Beyond Repair’ in 2017 via Rude Records.


During the concert, the energy of the band and the crowd was really nice. The crowd in general was very involved and seemed to have a blast. Everyone was jumping, clapping and running around. There also have been some crowd surfers. The band also seemed to enjoy being on stage and performing for the crowd. They had a lot of energy and motivation which made it a great experience.


Blood Youth


Blood Youth enjoying the stage


Great vibes


The overall atmosphere of the concert night was really great! As it was quite a small club for around 1300 people, it was quite a cozy and intimate vibe. The venue, which was the Underworld in Camden, was divided into the bar and the actual concert room which itself was split into a small lower floor directly in front of the stage and a little higher floor surrounding the rest and gave a good overview. The atmosphere in the club was very nice as well as the lighting which was kept very basic. The sound, however, could have been mixed a little bit better. It was quite loud in general and the instruments seemed to overwhelm the singers of all three bands. Unfortunately, that is something I have experienced in a lot of smaller clubs. Nevertheless, the overall show, sound and light show as very nice and the experience was great anyway 🙂



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