Scale – photo challenge

This week’s photo challenge of the Daily Post is about ‘scale’ or more precisely – the way one’s sight on things changes, depending on the angle someone is looking at them.

The world can be very impressive. Standing at the bottom of a rock or right next to a huge building makes us feel extremely small and tiny. However, if we stand on the top of a mountain or sit in a plane high up in the air, the world suddenly seems to be tiny and small. The further something is away, the smaller it seems to be, even though it might be of enormous height. This phenomenon is also used to create funny illusions in pictures, films or paintings. Depending on where things are placed they seem to be really tiny or very big. Hence, a person as tiny as an elf is trapped underneath a very big table – no, not really. That is only the illusion 😉

However, for me this phenomenon is most impressive when I walk or travel through mountains and impressive landscapes. It’s always a special time and a very interesting feeling, that changes depending on if I stand at the bottom of a huge mountain or if I’m at the top of it…


Bearely recognisable tiny houses on the opposite of the lake – Lake District, England


Small path leading down the hill like a tiny line, just giving a hint of how big the mountain really is – Buttermere, England


Have you spot the tiny castle on the top of the hill, hiding between the impressive mountains? – Pfalz, Germany


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