Pedestrian – photo challenge

This week’s photo challenge of the Daily Post is about ‘pedestrian’. The word is most commonly used to describe a person who is walking. However, as an adjective, the word means ‘dull’ and describes something that is boring or dry. Maybe the connection between the two definitions of the word is that a person walking along the street is ‘just’ boringly walking, without any excitement, in order to get from one location to another – preferably without getting wet or muddy. People – or pedestrians -used very pedestrian or simple bridges, to cross flooded pathways or small rivers to get to their wanted destination, again without getting muddy or wet. Anyways – for this challenge I immediately thought of people walking or bridges enabling them to cross a river. However, the first pedestrian only bridge that came onto my mind was the Millennium Bridge in London, UK, which is definitive anything but pedestrian. The design is very interesting and fancy, which makes it always a special time stopping bay and crossing the river Thames at this point 🙂


Millennium Bridge – London, UK


Millennium Bridge with many pedestrians – London, UK


Interesting architecture of the Millennium Bridge – London, UK




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6 thoughts on “Pedestrian – photo challenge

  1. I’ve been on that bridge and is it also called the Wibbley Wobbley bridge? I was told that when it first opened there was too much movement and it had to have some adjustments made. Or maybe that was my son ( who lives in London) winding me up.

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    1. Yes, I read that too😄 Because it had a lot of uncontrollable movements towards the sides after it was opened to the public, it had to be closed again and got the name Wibbley Wobbley Bridge by the public 🙂

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