Temporary – photo challenge

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to upload last weeks photo challenge. However, I still wanted to upload it and share it with you.

The topic provided by the Daily Post was ‘temporary’. Quite a nice and philosophic topic. Thinking about photography as something that captures a glimpse of a moment – of something that might not be existed any more seconds after the picture was taken. However, it also could be something that lasts for a while or a limited period before it slowly changes or fades…

I wanted to focus on temporary situations that change in a blink of an eye. Nature is always full of unexpected and surprising moments. It is always a special time exploring them 🙂


CIMG8597 - Kopie
Beautiful sunlight shining through a window before it fades with the position of the sun – Cornwall, UK


Capture of a seagull right at its take-off – Cornwall, UK


CIMG0493 - Kopie
Splashing water just before it vanishes into dust – Cornwall, UK



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