Experimental – photo challenge

This week’s photo challenge of the Daily Post is about being or trying something ‘experimental’. It might be the decision of changing the route some one took every day, new food somebody tried, or other creative experiments that lead to something new for someone.

As many of you already might know – I love music 🙂 Especially guitar-based music. However, I started playing the piano with classical music. Hence, I always try to play the rock songs I love listening to as acoustic versions… But not only music can be experimental, traveling around trying specific food of a place I visit or just taking a different road to get to places can be experimental and brings a special time. Here are my pictures for the challenge 😉


Music can be very experimental


Trying Cornish Scones, a special baked pasty, served with clotted cream and jam – Cornwall, UK


Exploring the nature and taking different routes – Dortmund, Germany



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