Our Last Night

Another amazing concert I lately went to, was Our Last Night 🙂

The American post-hardcore band from Hollis, New Hampshire (USA) was formed in 2004 and currently consists of the brothers Trevor (vocals) and Matt (guitar, vocals) Wentworth, as well as Alex Woodrow (bass) and Tim Molly (drums).

So far, the band released four EP’s and five full-length albums. In 2004 and 2005 they released their first EP’s ‘We’ve Been Holding Back EP’ (2004, self-released) and ‘Building Cities from Scratch EP’ (2005, self-released) on their own. The band’s debut album ‘The Ghosts Among Us’ was released 2008 via Epitaph Records, followed by ‘We Will All Evolve’ (Epitaph Records) in 2010 and their first headlining tour in the US. After their fourth studio album ‘Age Of Ignorance’ (2012, Epitaph Records), Our Last night again release their music independently and started a crowdfunding campaign to support their work. Furthermore, the band released many different cover versions of songs such as Adel’s Skyfall or Imagine Dragons’ Radioactive as part of ‘A Summer Of Covers’. In 2013 their EP ‘Oak Island’ (self-released) was released, followed by their fourth studio album ‘Young Dreamers’ in 2014. Before the release of their fifth studio album ‘Selective Hearing’ (self-released) in 2017, Our Last Night covered some more songs from bands such as U2 or the Beatles. They, already archived chart listings with some of their albums and toured through many parts of Europe, USA and Asia.

Musically, Our Last Night shows influences of post-hardcore, metalcore and alternative rock, mixing clean and screamed vocals with heavy guitar sounds. On the latest release, the songs are more melodic and contain more clean vocals than the older releases.


Our Last Night enjoying their music


Our Last Night


Our Last Night enjoying the stage


Matt and Trevor during the acoustic set


Trevor having a blast on stage


Great vibes during the acoustic set


Matt and Trevor of Our Last Night


Our Last Night having fun on stage


Great lights


Trevor dancing on the stage


Trevor and Matt during the acoustic set


Trevor living his songs


Our Last Night


Great lights


Trevor and Matt having fun on stage

Following their latest release, the band toured to many different places. One of these concerts was in London, which I luckily was able to go to!

The Garage, known as London’s finest indie and rock venue, opened its doors at around 6pm for a capacity of around 600 people. Established in 1993, many bands such as Muse or Arctic Monkeys and Green Day played at the venue before.



The first band for the Our Last Night show was the South Africa-born and London-based alternative rock trio New Volume, who formed in 2013. Tyron Layley (vocals, guitar), Ryan Morris (lead guitar, vocals) and Adam Jenkins (drums) released their debut album ‘Envy’ in 2016 via Sumerian Records. Their sound is a mix rock guitar sounds and electric synths showing influences of bands such as Depeche Mode. The vibe-ish mix of the synths and guitars worked great in the venue and the fans had a great time during their performance.


New Volume


New Volumes enjoying their performance


The second band of the evening was Holding Absence, who was really amazing! The band was formed in 2016 and shows a unique blend of emotive post-hardcore with influences of a variety of bands from The Offspring to Thy Art Is Murder. Musically, they try to blend in some alternative and pop influences while the lyrics are about loss, who they are and where they want to be. So far, Lucas Woodland (vocals), Feisal El-Khatzragi (guitar), Giorgio Cantarutti (guitar), James Joseph (bass) and Ashley Green (drums) released four songs via SharpTone Records which are ‘Heaven Knows’ (2017), ‘Penance’ (2017), ‘Permanent’ (2017) and ‘Dream Of Me’ (2017). The mix of the rough sometimes screamed and sometimes clean vocals, underlined with the heavy guitar sound and emotional synthesiser vibes created an amazing dark and magical atmosphere. I am definitely looking forward to new creations in the future.


Holding Absence

The crowd was quite young but very engaging. Everyone enjoyed the bands, sung along, jumped and did some crowd surfing. Even Alex Woodrow jumped into the crowd with his bass, got carried to the bar and back to the stage, while the rest of the Our Last Night members played ‘Dark Storms’. All three bands seemed to have an amazing time and delivered a great performance. Tim Molly (drums for Our Last Night) played the whole set with his broken ankle perfectly. In the middle of the set Trevor and Matt (both vocals and acoustic guitar) played a few acoustic songs which showed their great voices even better, followed by the cover of Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape Of You’ with the rest of the members. The sound and lighting were great as well and suited each band perfectly. While Holding Absence kept the light simple and rather dark to create that amazing mystic atmosphere, New Volume had more colourful lights and Our Last Night had an amazing colourful and energetic light show with confetti in the end. The sound was neither too loud, nor too messy, but quite clear so the vocals could be heard perfectly which made it a pleasant listening experience.


Trevor smashing the drums


Great vibes


Trevor playing the acoustic guitar


Amazing lights


Our Last Night animating the crowd


The show was on fire


Our Last Night thanking the crowd


This sold out concert was absolutely amazing, and I definitely had a special time. Everybody seemed to have a great time, all three bands on the stage included.



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