Serene – photo challenge

This week’s photo challenge of the Daily Post has a very lovely topic, as I think – it is about something ‘serene’, or more exactly, something that reminds you of breathing and relaxing.

Cities and the daily life can be very stressful, especially when the end of the year is coming closer! Time runs and wins pace with each second and the days are flying by. Hence, being captured in the daily groove, we try to keep up with the pace and forget to take a moment to breath, relax and appreciate what we have. Unfortunately, it is not possible for everyone to just pack a bag and escape. Hence, other alternatives, such as music and pictures could help to escape for just a few minutes. For me these escapes are concerts or the sea. I always have a special time around these places, and the pictures remind me of that!


Take a deep breath – Northern Irish Coast


Mallory Knox – Rock Am Ring


Fresh air – Northern Irish coast


Silence – Northern Ireland



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