The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

10 years ‘Don’t You Fake It‘ – The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Celebrate their debut album’s anniversary.

A little while ago, I went to another concert at the Garage. This time, the venue opened its doors for the American rock band The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, formed in 2003 in Middleburgh, Florida. Currently, after several changes in their line-up, the band comprises founding member Ronnie Winter (vocals), his brother Randy Winter (rhythm guitar), Josh Burke (lead guitar), Joey Westwood (bass) and John Espy (drums). So far, the band released 3 EP’s and 4 full-length albums. The first EP ‘Ass Shaker/Justify/Face Down EP‘ was released 2005, followed by their debut full-length album ‘Don’t You Fake It’ in 2006 via Virgin Records. In 2008, the second album ‘Lonely Road’ (Virgin Records) was released, debuting on #14 of the Billboard 200. Furthermore, they released an acoustic EP ‘Shock Session’ (Virgin Records) in 2009 and a self-released EP ‘The Hell Or High Water’ in 2010, followed by the full-length album ‘Am I The Enemy’ (2011, self-released). Celebrating the band’s ten-year anniversary in 2003, they released another EP ‘Et Tu, Brute?’ (2013, self-released), followed by their fourth studio album ‘4’ in 2014 (self-released). The band planned to release their next full-length album ‘The Awakening’ in 2018. Musically, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus are regarded as emo, post-hardcore, pop punk, alternative rock, screamo, and emo pop band, mixing mainly clean with some screamed vocals. Furthermore, the band creates awareness against teen suicide, animal cruelty, and domestic violence.


The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Ronnie Winter
Josh Burke enjoying his solo
Amazing atmosphere
Josh and Ronnie having fun
The red Jumpsuit Apparatus enjoying the stage
Spot on Josh Burke
Ronnie animating the crowd to sing along
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Josh Burke
Ronnie Winter
Great show
Great lights and vibes

The Garage opened its doors around 7pm, inviting quite a mixed but mainly slightly older audience in. Opening the stage, Veridian, a 6-piece rock band from Reading, Berkshire, started their set shortly after. The UK band formed in 2016 and comprises Simon Jackman (vocals), Robbie Everett (guitar, backing vocals) and Jonny Slevin (bass, and backing vocals). Musically, they offer a solid rock sound with dynamic, being compared with bands such as Mallory Knox and Young Guns. In 2017, they released their debut EP ‘40826D’ via Primordial Records.


Veridian enjoying the stage
Great show
Veridian having fun

The crowd was very motivated and engaging. The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus performed the exact line-up of the songs of their celebrated album, finishing the set with the eight-minute song ‘Grim Goodbye’, which was the band’s ever first song according to Ronnie Winter, who gave some additional information for every song they played. Everyone was joining the performance by singing, jumping and clapping along. The fans, as well as the bands, seemed to have an amazing time and enjoyed the evening. Especially Ronnies vocal performance was impressive. His voice was on point and all the musicians delivered a great performance. The acoustic of the venue was very good as well. Both, the instruments and the vocals were mixed smoothly so everything was clear. The light show was kept simple, supporting the overall atmosphere of the music, adding magical vibes. Veridian added further standing lights with their set so create a different atmosphere and further dynamic.

Overall the concert was great! It was a nostalgic journey back to the roots and the beginning of the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, hearing their amazing songs! The atmosphere was cosy and everyone seemed to enjoy the evening, both the bands and fans! It definitely was a special time.

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