Growth – photo challenge

First of all – HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope everyone had a great start into 2018 🙂


After a quite busy start into 2018, I finally got the time to catch up with the photo challenges… The first one had the topic ‘growth’. In a literal interpretation, growth shows the physical development of a person, an animal, plants or other living creatures. On the other hand, growth could also be the development and change after some kind of experience, i.e. learning from situations or errors. This is a great way to start challenges of the new year. Growth itself is barely visible through only one picture as it is a development rather than a static state. However, for this challenge I looked for symbolic appearances that remind me of personal growth, fresh starts and literal growth. It could be growing or blooming flowers after the winter months, and a lovely green field starting to grow grain as a fresh start of the year. Spring is always a special time with the world waking up from hibernation, and a new chance to grow with challenges from the past.


Flowers blooming in Spring


Green field and blue sky


Blooming flower




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