Beloved – photo challenge

This week’s photo challenge of the Daily Post has a very lovely topic – ‘beloved’. There are uncountable possibilities to actually fulfil the challenge. It could be the picture of a very beloved person, a physical thing or maybe also something rather untouchable. Every child has that one fury best friend that goes through thick and thin, supports you and listens to all your worries. However, for me, I think, it’s not only about my one companion that was always by my side beloved, but rather my whole family and friends. Another, very beloved thing of mine is the music. There is no day without music, it makes the happy times happier, sad times bearable and brings together likeminded people. Last, but definitely not least, I absolutely love the sea. It’s always a special time to travel to places near the sea, walking along the cliffs, hearing the bursting waves of the stormy sea and smelling the salty air 🙂

Foto 206x
Home sweet home








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