Tour Guide – photo challenge

This week’s photo challenge of the Daily Post has the topic ‘Tour Guide’. It is about showing the most interesting or significant places of the places someone grew up. As I was looking through my pictures thinking of places around the area I grew up that mean something to me, I quickly had to realise that I have tonnes of pictures but barely any from these specific places. Whenever I travel I’m taking many memories with me and keep most of them saved on a picture. However, as I live around these places it might seemed not worth taking pictures as it is something ‘normal’, which actually is really sad and definitely something I should change! Nonetheless, I found some snap shots of lovely places to visit as well as some places that mean more to me personal. I definitely have several memories connected to all of the places and I had a special time visiting them 🙂

I love horse riding and the stable looks just gorgeous


I love going for a run around the fields, it’s always nice


The castle is one of the tourist attractions but very beautiful inside, as well as outside. It is surrounded by a very lovely park.



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