Jurassic Coast – weekly pictures

This week’s weekly pictures are less contributing to a certain topic but rather about a specific place I recently went to – the Jurassic Coast.

The Jurassic Coast reaches from Exmouth (East Devon) to Studland Bay (Dorset) which is a distance of about 154km. Since end of 2001, the coast, located at the English Channel of southern England, is listed as World Heritage Site. The rock formations that have been exposed through costal erosion cover Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous period which gave the cost the name. It spans almost 185 million years of geological history. Even today, there might some fossils found that are preserved in rocks as the area has been desert, shallow tropical sea and marsh through out the years. At some places where the sea has broken through resistant rocks, there are now coves, but it also caused landslides. However, these landslides exposed a wide range of different rock types which have their individual typical fauna and flora, fossils, and it provides evidence of the animals’ and plants’ evolution in this region.

There are many different routes for walks and to explore the coast. It was definitely a special time being there and getting to discover some parts of the history the coast slowly reveals.






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