The Underworld in Camden opened its doors for another heavy rock night.

A little bit earlier this year, the Southern Californian post-hardcore band Capsize toured through Europe and the UK. Formed in 2009, they are currently consisting of vocalist Daniel Wand, guitarist Nicolas Lopez and drummer Andrew Tamayo. After releasing their two full-length albums ‘The Angst In My Veins’ (2014, Equal Vision) and ‘A Reintroduction: The Essence Of All That Surrounds Me’ (2016, Rude Records) as well as their single ‘Cold Shoulder’ (2017, Equal Vision), they just released their newest single ‘Fragile’ (2018) via Pale Chord. Musically, they show influences of melodic hardcore, post-hardcore and emocore. Especially Daniels voice, the meaningful lyrics, as well as the mix of screamed and clean vocals, underlined by alternating melodic and very heavy guitar riffs are some of their recognisable characteristics.



The Underworld in Camden opened its gates around 7pm to a rather young, male audience. First band on the stage was the Canadian hardcore punk band Boundaries, followed by the Welsh hardcore band Brutality Will Prevail and Capsize, right before the two main bands of the evening which were the Californian hardcore punk band Trash Talk and the Australian hardcore punk band Deez Nuts.



Right from the beginning, all the bands showed high levels of energy which animated the crowd to open up circle pits and to stage dive. Not even Nick’s (guitar, Brutality Will Prevail) broken angle could lower the energy the band brought to the stage, especially as Louis (vocals, Brutality Will Prevail) had enough energy and joined the circle pit in the crowd. Capsize kept the crowd energy level and excitement high but changed the vibe and atmosphere with their set which had a darker, rather mystical touch to it. The crowd jumped around and screamed the lyrics back to the stage. Capsize played a good mix of their older and newer songs which was appreciated by their fans. With the last two bands the atmosphere in the room changed again. The crowd went mental forming a huge mosh pit across the ground floor with a constant stream of stage divers. All the bands gave their best on stage and seemed to have a great time during their sets, highly appreciating the energy of the audience. The overall sound was good, and the vocals and instruments were well balanced while the light and overall appearance of the set was kept simple and rather dark which helped to create different atmosphere and vibe suiting each individual set.



Overall, it was a great and energetic evening. Both the audience and the bands seemed to enjoy themselves and giving their best which was highly appreciated by either part. The bands’ performances were on point and showed how much the bands wanted to be there while the fans enjoyed themselves in mosh pits and stage diving.



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