Something a little different…

‘I guess after so long she’s learning to realise more often than not when I’m silent it means that I’m already sorry
For not speaking up, for not using my voice
To talk about what I’ve been going through
– Casey


 As today is the #worldmentalhealthday I thought it is important to share some thoughts about the topic since I believe that almost everyone might have experienced some sort of mental health problem. Whether it’s a lack of self-confidence, feeling worthless or useless, not feeling pretty enough, not living up to one’s expectations – or a mix of all of the above and beating oneself up for feeling that way – or even just by having a down-day… All these thoughts can affect one’s mental health. It definitely is hard enough to come clear with oneself and accept one’s flaws, accepting an unproductive way or not hitting one’s goals every day without beating oneself up all the time. But it is even more difficult to open up to others and talk about one’s problems. It feels weak, embarrassing and makes one vulnerable.

However, in order to get out of the dark times, to find the light again, everyone can find some sort of support in different situations. Music is for sure one of the strongest and most powerful ‘medicines’ to get one through tough times. But also, family and friends who are always there can catch one before hitting rock-bottom or just to give some guiding arrows to find the right path back into the light. No matter how dark, cold, hopeless and unpromisingly or difficult a situation might seem to be at a time, no one needs to go through that phase alone! No one is alone. There are other out there who struggle as well.

For me the most healing and therapeutic way to get through hard and dark phases is definitely the music that inspires me and that I love – either by listening to it or making music myself. However, as much as music helps, my family and friends who are always there for me if I need them are as important and supportive, and therefore, I’ll always be grateful for having them – THANK YOU.


In all the ways that I am weak, I am also strong; learning how to speak gave me the strength to carry on. – Casey


There are always good and bad times. It is however important to learn to cherish the good ones in order to outweigh the bad ones. This makes the good ones even more special and exciting. Life offers so many special times, no matter how dark some might be there are always some sparkles hidden somewhere in the night sky. It just needs time and a strong will to find and get to them!


‘Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.’ – Albus Dumbledore (Harry Potter)






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