Chapter And Verse

Chapter And Verse welcome ‘the new breed’ to celebrate the release of their new single ‘Ink’ (2018, self-release) at the Black Heart in Camden.

Formed in 2016, the London based alt-rock band Chapter And Verse currently comprises vocalist Josh Carter, guitarist, Darren Gosling, drummer Ash Morton and bassist Jonny Hopwood. So far, the quartet released their EP ‘The Wolves Back Home’ (2016, self-release), followed by the two singles ‘Magazines’ (2017, self-release) and ‘A Devil In Blue’ (2018, self-release), as well as the most recent single ‘Ink’ (2018, self-release). Musically, they mix heavy guitars with mostly clean vocals, adding screamed elements now and then. Especially Josh’s incredible vocal range and the mix between aggressively screamed as well as soulful calm and clear tones is impressive and adds a unique feature to the band’s sound.



Around 8pm the doors of the Black Heart opened to the audience who previously signed up to get access to the sold-out show. With a capacity of around 150 people, there was a cosy and almost homely atmosphere. Overall, the audience was rather young in their early twenties but there were some older people as well.

First act on the stage was the British solo acoustic artist Luke Rainsford who already released two full-length albums and an EP, mixing pop punk and emo influences with intimate and deeply honest lyrics.  Even though there were some technical issues, once they were solved everyone enjoyed the set and sung along. Turning up the volume with their electric guitars and slightly heavier sound, second band of the evening, the British sludge pop quartet Bellevue Days, mixed heavy sludgy music with melodic hooks and catchy choruses, creating a unique and dynamic vibe. Their slightly heavier alternative rock-ish sound prepared the audience for the final band of the evening, Chapter And Verse. As their music in general is very energetic, they captured the audience right from the beginning and transferred the energy from the stage into the crowd which resulted in a mosh pit at towards the end of the set. They played a good mix of their older songs such as ‘The New Breed’ and their latest release ‘Ink’ which was highly appreciated by old and new fans who screamed and chanted the lyrics back to the stage. The vibe of the set changed with every song depending on the energy and emotions. Especially when the first note of ‘Ink’ hit the audience, there was a electrifying shiver going through the room.



Despite some minor technical issues, all three sets had a good acoustic as the sound was well mixed. The light show was kept rather simple and dark which helped to create a mystical and dark but homely atmosphere.



Overall, it was a special time, an amazing evening with talented artists, hones and beautiful music, as well as a great atmosphere. Both the bands and the audience had a great time. The audience enjoyed the sets and engaged by singing and dancing along which was highly appreciated by the artists. Everyone seemed to be happy.




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