TheCityIsOurs sold out their hometown show at the Thousand Island in London.


The London based alternative melodic hardcore band TheCityIsOurs was formed in 2015 and comprises vocalist Sam, both guitarists Stuart and Mikey, drummer Louis and bassist Jay. Musically, they mix a heavier guitar sound with both clean and screamed vocals which creates a dynamic atmosphere. So far, they released two EP’s, ‘The Wildfire’ (2016, self-release) and ‘Hollow Hope’ (2017, self-release), as well as two singles in 2018 being ‘Veins’ and ‘Casket’.



The doors of the 150-capacity venue opened around 7pm to a diverse but rather young audience. First band on the stage was the groove-metal band After Smoke Clears from London who set the heavy sound of the evening with their energetic live performance.



Right afterwards, the London based post-hardcore quintet Tether had their premier as a band, playing their first gig. Third band was the post-hardcore band As Everything Unfolds from High Wycombe comprising vocalist Charlie, both guitarists Adam and Owen, bassist George, Jon on the synth and drummer Jamie. They caught the audience right from the beginning and set the level of energy and excitement high.



The crowd was highly motivated and engaged in all of the bands’ performances by singing along, moshing and jumping around. Nick (vocals After Smoke Clears) joined the crowd several times himself which was appreciated by their fans and resulted in a dynamic set. The energy in the room was picked up by Tether who were warmly welcomed and well received by the audience. They were overwhelmed by the positive feedback they got from the audience who enjoyed their set.



As Everything Unfolds surprised the audience by inviting TheCityIsOurs’ vocalist Sam on stage to join them for one of their songs. Finishing their energetic set, they left the crowd excited for the final band and headliners TheCityIsOurs. With the band entering the stage, the atmosphere in the room changed slightly and the energy levels of the audience increased further. They played a good mix of their older and new songs which the audience screamed back to the stage on the top of their lungs, leaving the band speechless. The band invited Charlie to perform one of their songs with them before they joined the crowd themselves at the end of their set.



All four sets had a good light show which supported the vibe of the music and created an individual atmosphere. The acoustic of the venue was good, and both the vocals and instruments were well mixed.

Overall, it was a highly energetic and welcoming atmosphere. Both the bands and the audience seemed to enjoy the performance. The bands were overwhelmed by the energy and support of their fans who engaged by moshing around and screaming the lyrics back to the stage. It was a special time.




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