Bring Me The Horizon 2

Bring Met The Horizon end their first part of the First Love Tour in Europe and the UK with another sold out show in London.


After a break of around three years, the sextet from Sheffield announced their new album ‘AMO’ (2019, RCA) as well as some tour dates leading up to the album release earlier this year. Formed in 2004, the band started as death metal band but re-defined their style and sound with every of their so far six released albums turning it into an alternative rock sound. However, the band comprising vocalist Oli Sykes, keyboardist and programmer Jordan Fish, drummer Matt Nicholls, guitarist Lee Malia and bassist Matt Kean, never failed to surprise their fans while keeping their core and uniqueness. Musically, they mix electronic sounds with heavy rock-ish guitars that support Oli’s both clean and screamed vocals. Especially their way of mixing different genres keeps their music interesting and unique. The two released singles ‘Mantra’ (2018, RCA) and ‘Wonderful Life (feat. Dani Filth)’ (2018, RCA) of the forthcoming album seem to continue mixing heavier with more commercial sounds.



The doors of the Alexandra Palace ‘Ally Pally’, a well-known 10,000 capacity venue in North London, opened to a diverse audience, reaching from younger teenagers to some of their older fans who grew up with the band. First act on the stage was the British alternative indie band Yonaka from Brighton. Formed in 2015, the outlet comprising vocalist Theresa Jarvis, guitarist George Edwards, bassist Alex Crosby and drummer Robert Mason, mix a rather electronic sound with heavy guitars, creating a rather pop-ish sound. Opening the stage, the quartet set the right energy and got the crowd moving. Even though the audience needed some time to get into the spirit, with the first chorus of ‘Fired Up’ everyone jumped and sung along.



Second band of the evening was the American rapcore group Fever 333 from Inglewood CA, comprising vocalist Jason Aalon Butler, guitarist Steve Harrison and drummer Aric Improta. Formed in 2017, the band mixes aggressive heavy rock sounds with electronics and both spoken and shouted vocals. Their unique mix and the high energy on stage immediately caught the audience who jumped along and run around in circle pits. Lyrically, they spread many different deep messages one of which was that every woman at this gig should be feeling safe as communicated though their song ‘Walking In My Shoes’. Therefore, Theresa Jarvis joined on stage and sung the son together with Jason Aalon Butler.



Starting their set with ‘Mantra’ one of the singles of the forthcoming album, the crowd was captured right from the beginning and screamed back all the lyrics, dominating the choruses and chants. Even though the setlist was expected to mainly focus on their newer releases there was a chance of a medley of some of their older songs the band hasn’t been performing in over ten years. Asking the fans whether they wanted to hear some old songs, the crowd started cheering and went absolutely mental with the band dropping the first note of the ‘Comedown’ which was followed by ‘Medusa’, ‘Diamonds Aren’t Forever’ and ‘Re: They Have No Reflections’. The band nailed all the heavy parts as if they had never done anything else before and seemed to enjoy the travel back in time as much as the audience which started crowd surfing, moshing and screaming along.

Closer towards the end they slowed down their set with only leaving Lee and Oli on stage to perform an emotional acoustic version of ‘Drown’ right before finishing off the evening with an explosion of energy playing the anthemic songs ‘Doomed’ and ‘Throne’.



Overall it was a great evening with amazing artists and good music. Both the light show and the sound were good, adding to the atmosphere of the music. The fans highly appreciated the mix of new and especially the very old songs Bring Me The Horizon performed which resulted in them screaming the lyrics back to the stage, moshing in circle pits and crowd surfing. All three bands seemed to have a great time and where overwhelmed by the energetic feedback of the crowd. It was a special time and a solid end of the Europe and UK tour!



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