Selfworth opening the stage at the Silent Planet gig at The New Cross Inn.


Having been around for only a few months, the London based emotive hardcore outlet Selfworth just released their debut single ‘Sleep In Colour’ (2018, self-released) in June followed by their debut show at The Old Blue Last supporting Parting Gift and Modern Error. The quintet comprising vocalist Jack, both guitarists Brandon and Tom, bassist Ben, and drummer George mix a heavy and dynamic guitar sound with more melodic and atmospheric parts in between which supports the mainly shouted vocals, telling deeply honest and personal stories.



The 250-capacity venue, The New Cross Inn, opened its doors around 7pm to a quite young audience that increased and got livelier with every band. Opening up the stage, Selfworth set the right tone for the evening and captured the audience with their melancholic and intimate atmosphere. Jack joined the crowd in front of the stage until the end of their set. Next up was the American emotive post-rock band Comrades, comprising the siblings Joe and Laura McElroy who picked up the atmosphere of the previous set with they vibey and melancholic sounds.



Third band of the evening was the British post-hardcore quartet Acres comprising vocalist Ben Lumber, both guitarists Alex Freeman and Theo Sandberg, as well as drummer Konnor Bracher-Walsh who have released their debut EP ‘In Sickness & Health’ in 2017 (self-release). With their mix of melodic and heavy guitars, supporting screamed verses and sung choruses they created an energetic and intimate atmosphere which was greatly received by their fans who sung along and jumped around.


Final band of the evening was the American melodic hardcore band Silent Planet, consisting of Alex, Thomas, Spencer, Garrett, and Mitchell who create heavy and dark music alongside emotional lyrics. Starting their set, the crowd was immediately captured by the energy coming from the band who was thankful for the positive feedback they received.



The light show for all four sets was kept basic which added to the atmosphere. However, rather dark and colour less lights might had helped creating a certain atmosphere further. Unfortunately, the acoustic was quite buzzing and not on point but having in mind it was a small venue, the sound was alright.



Overall, it was a great evening with amazingly talented bands who created an intimate and energetic atmosphere for their audience. Both the fans and the bands seemed to enjoy themselves, which was shown through the gratitude the bands vocalised towards the audience, as well as the fans shouting the lyrics back to the stage. It was definitely a special time.




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