Architects – SSE Arena Wembley

Architects are headlining the Wembley Arena in London and didn’t fail to impress!


The Brighton based metalcore band Architects, formed in 2004 by the twins Dan (drums) and Tom (†2016, lead guitar) Searle, is back after releasing their latest record ‘Holy Hell’ (2018, Epitaph Records). After the unfortunate passing of lead guitarist Tom in 2016, the current lineup comprises vocalist Sam Carter, drummer Dan Searle, lead guitarist Josh Middelton, bassist Alex Dean and rhythm guitarist Adam Christianson. Musically, the band mixes ambient guitars and orchestral strings with mainly screamed vocals and heavily distorted rhythm guitars which creates a dark anthemic sound. They show influences from metalcore, technical metal, hardcore punk, post-hardcore and progressive metal core. The vocals alternate between tortured screams and melodic clean parts which creates an anthemic ambience. Lyrically, they cover different topics from political themes over personal experiences to critiques about religion and society. So far, they released eight full-length albums which all show various stylistic evolutions.



The doors of the 12.500 capacity venue, the SSE Arena Wembley which is London’s second largest indoor arena, opened around 6.30pm to let in the patiently waiting fans. Having been a band for thus many years, the audience appeared to be a mix of both older and younger fans. First band welcomed on the stage was the Australian melodic hardcore band Polaris who were founded in 2012, comprising Jamie Hails (vocals), both guitarists Rick Schneider and Ryan Siew, Jake Steinhauser (bass) and Daniel Furnari (drums). They set the energy levels high right from the start, getting circle pits and sing-alongs, leaving a hyped crowd before the second band starts their set. Beartooth was founded in 2012 and consists of vocalist Caleb Shomo, both guitarists Kamron Brabdury and Zach Huston, bassist Odhie Bichar and drummer Connor Denis. The American hardcore punk rockers picked up the energy in the room Polaris left behind and offered well mixed set of old and new songs, including a drum solo, to get the audience warmed up for Architects.



With the first note starting off ‘Death Is Not Defeat’, they immediately caught the audience’s attention who screamed the words back to the stage. Continuing the intense atmosphere through created through the anthemic sounds of songs like Modern Misery, Holy Hell and Royal Beggars, they also mixed some of their older songs such as Gravedigger or Naysayer into the set, turning the arena into one big mosh pit. Powering through the set, Sam Carter and all the other band members still take their time to pay their respects to their friend and brother Tom who would be proud of them, to their families and friends, as well as to their fans who themselves start chanting Toms name on repeat. The special atmosphere in the room stayed throughout the entire set, supported by high levels of excitement and energy within the crowd which lasted until the last note of Doomsday, the final song of the set.



The light show and acoustic for all sets was spot on. Architects’ set was supported by an impressive pyro show including steam, fire and confetti, as well as an atmospheric lightshow that helped to create a magical atmosphere.

Overall, the concert was a special time, with great artists who delivered their fans an unforgettable evening. The crowd highly appreciated the energy and enthusiasm the bands showed on stage and let discharged their energy in circle pits, singing and dancing along which was highly appreciated by the bands.


Venue: SSE Arena Wembley
Artist: Architects
Support: Polaris, Beartooth



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