Parting Gift – Black Heart, Camden

Parting Gift were headlining Camden‘s Black Heart


The Manchester based emotive hardcore quintet comprising vocalist Zac, drummer George, guitarist Peter, bassist Nick and guitarist Jack, were formed in 2017 and recently signed to Fearless Records. So far, they self-released five singles being ‘Be Still’ (2017), ‘In Mind’ (2017), ‘Asleep’ (2017) and the joint singles ‘Vein’ and ‘Rensing’ (2018), as well as their most recent single ‘Pale’ (2019) via Hopeless Records. Musically, the quintet combines melancholic and melodic guitar and synth sounds with both clean and screamed vocals which creates a dark and haunting ambient feeling.



Around 7 pm, the Black Heart opened its doors. With a capacity of up to 100 people, the venue offers a cosy atmosphere for the rather young but well mixed audience. First band on the stage was the  Bristol based alternative rock trio Superlove, who was founded in 2018 and comprises Alex, Jacob and Jon. The trio got the crowd moving with their synth rock oriented sound and set the energy levels before the melancholic alternative rock band Coast To Coast from Birmingham, comprising Keiran, Alex, Josh and Zak, entered the stage. Third band of the evening was the instrumental post-rock band Cold bones, comprising Jordan, Nick and Max. The Kent based trio toned down the mood and atmosphere in the room while adding tension and energy. Their atmospheric and emotive acoustic tunes created a perfect ambient leading up to the last set of the evening.


Parting Gift picked up the moody and cosy atmosphere Coldbones left behind and created an even darker and melancholic vibe. The crowd was highly motivated and screamed the lyrics back to the band. Everyone enjoyed themselves dancing along which was highly appreciated by the band who played all of their so far released songs. Especially some of the earlier songs such as ‘Asleep’ or ‘In Mind’ got the crowd moving. The lighting helped create the dark and almost hunted atmosphere which suited the music perfectly. Despite being quite a small venue, the acoustic was decent, and the vocals didn’t drown in the heavier drum or guitar sound.



Overall, it was an amazing evening with highly talented and upcoming bands who themselves seemed to enjoy their time on stage and highly appreciated the energy of the crowd. The fans also enjoyed the music, sang along, jumped around and engaged in the bands’ performances. It was definitely a special time for everyone who joined.


Unfortunately, the quality of the pictures is quite bad due to the darkness, bad lighting, fog and the ability of my phone camera! Apologies for that!


Venue: The Black Heart
Artist: Parting Gift
Support: Superlove, Coast To Coast, Coldbones



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