Bring Me The Horizon – acoustic gig at Pryzm, Kingston

Bring Me The Horizon visited London for a intimate acoustic set and Q&A at Banquet Records Kingston upon Thames.


The British alternative rockers are well known for their experimental reinventions of their sounds. Their latest album release ‘Amo’ turned number one and is a well-crafted piece of art with a mix of influences from rock, pop, electronic and orchestral elements. Just coming back from their America tour, the quintet did a few signings and intimate acoustic sets one of which was held at Pryzm (Banquet Records) in Kingston.



With a slight delay and a joke that the band figured they are not an acoustic band, Bring Me The Horizon started with a stripped down version of ‘Follow You’ before they dived into the first round of question some of the fans wrote down. The Set continued with ‘Medicine’ followed by ‘Mother Tongue’ and ‘Down’, as well as ‘In The Dark’ as encore. Between each song Matt entered the stage to read some questions that the band answered with charm and laughter.

The line up included Oli and Jordan on vocals, Lee on the acoustic guitar, Mat (Nichols) on the cajon and Matt (Kean) moderating the questions. Since the overall set was raw and stripped down the lights were kept simple and rather dark which suited the general atmosphere. The acoustic was alright and quite well mixed.

Everyone seemed to have an amazing time. The fans were singing on the top of their lungs being the sixth member end fully engaging into the performance which was highly appreciated by the band. It was a special time with great music and loads of fun during the Q&A!



Venue: Pryzm

Band: Bring Me The Horizon





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