Holding Absence – Underworld, Camden

Holding Absence ended their first run of UK headlining shows at the Underworld in Camden with an unforgettable show!


The Welsh emotive hardcore quintet from Cardiff just released their highly anticipated self-titled debut album ‘Holding Absence’ via Sharptone Records and played a couple of UK headlining shows to support the release. Lucas (vocals), James (bass), Chris (guitar), Ashley (drums) and Scott (guitar) created a well-crafted piece of art, showing elements of emotive hardcore and post-hardcore, combined with catchy and anthemic choruses, offering an emotional as well as a deeply honest rollercoaster of emotions. Musically the band alternates between heavily punching guitars, atmospheric synths and raw and emotional vocals which creates an intimate atmosphere.



The venue, the Underworld in Camden, opened its gates at around 6pm and let the well-mixed crowd of mainly younger adults and teens decent into the depth of the venue. First band of the evening was the Welsh melancholic alt-pop quartet The Nightmares who perfectly set the ambience and vibe of the evening with their keys and guitar driven sound. Next up was the Birmingham based acoustic emo singer-songwriter Luke Rainsford who was joined by his friends, adding keys, bass, guitar and drums to the set. With the full band backing him, Luke created an energetic set that prepared the audience for the main act of the evening and added an emotive punk vibe. The whole crowd engaged into their performance and sung all the lyrics back to the stage.



With Holding Absence entering the stage the energy level inside the venue rose immediately and the crowd went mental. Everyone was screaming the lyrics on the top of their lugs, was jumping around and crowd-surfing which was highly appreciated by the band. The quintet played a good mix of some of their singles and new tracks of the album. Starting the set with ‘Perish’ and ‘Your Love (Has Ruined My Life)’, they kept the energy going with ‘Saint Cecilia’ and ‘Dream Of Me’ before ‘Wilt’ let into a more atmospheric part of the set where Lucas played a solo piano version of ‘Marigold’. The set finished on full speed with ‘Like A Shadow’ and ‘Penance’ leaving the crowd hyped and excited, taking the final chance to stagedive and sing along. Both the acoustic inside the venue and the lightshow were well fitted for each set. The lights were kept rather dark to help cerate a unique melancholic and mystic atmosphere which suited the music perfectly, enhancing the overall ambience.

Everyone seemed to have a great time. Holding Absence were highly thankful for the positive feedback they received from their fans and the crowd participation. The crowd enjoyed themselves and showed their excitement by dancing, jumping and singing along as well as taking the opportunity to crowd-surf as much as possible. It was a special time with good music, highly talented bands and a great end of the first part of the tour with more shows to come.

In April, Holding Absence will be joining Being As An Ocean for their EU tour dates!





Venue: Underworld

Band: Holding Absence

Support: Luke Rainsford, The Nightmares

‘Holding Absence’ album on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/4QjyWGfAEiYmHQRAZiAdA1?si=UDK1RcUOT0avg1qsKy7KyA




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