Emmure – o2 Academy Islington

Emmure headed to the o2 Academy Islington.


The American metalcore band Emmure formed in 2003 and currently comprise vocalist Frankie Palmeri, guitarist Joshua Travis, drummer Josh Miller and bassist Phil Locket. So far they released seven full-length albums of which the last one was ‘Look At Yourself’ in 2017 via Sharptone Records. Musically, the quartet mixes elements from metalcore, deathcore, nu metal, and alternative metal, as well as spoken words or rapping and shouted vocals with breakdowns.



Around 6.30pm, the o2 Academy Islington opened its doors to a diverse audience of rather young male adults. However, depending on the band playing on stage the audience right in front of the stage seemed to change slightly. First up was the Australian metalcore band Alpha Wolf who set the energy levels for the night high and got the attention of the audience right from the beginning. Next up was the American metalcore band Fit For A King who are currently comprising Ryan (vocals), Bobby (guitar), Jared (drums) and Ryan (bass/clean vocals). With their latest release ‘Darke Skies’ (2018, Solid State Records) they offered the audience a good mix of equally heavy and melodic metalcore tunes which was highly appreciated by the audience who screamed the lyrics back to the stage. With their energetic set, the crowd engaged by crowd surfing up their way to the front. Third band of the night was the Canadian metal and hardcore quintet Obey The Brave who added some punk and nu metal influences to the set and got the crowd moving. With the next band on stage, Rise Of The Northstar, a crossover metal band, brought together a mix of the 90’s New York Hardcore scene, heavy riffs and catchy rap vibes all wrapped in traditional Japanese uniforms and culture. Being the most diverse and heavy band of the lineup of the night they increased the energy in the room even though, it might not have been everyone’s cup of tea.



Final act of the night was Emmure who caught the audience’s attention right from the start. The space in front of the stage turned in to one big mosh pit and left the crowd a sweaty mess. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves screaming along, crowd surfing or running around in the mosh pit which was highly appreciated by the band. The set was a good mix of both older and newer songs which pleased the fans.

Both the sound and light show for all of the sets were well balanced and adapted. While Fit For A King and Emmure kept their sets slightly darker which supported the atmosphere of their music, the other sets were slightly more dynamic.


Overall, it was a special time with a diverse and heavy lineup. Both, all bands on stage and the crowd seemed to have a great time and enjoyed themselves.



Venue: o2 Academy Islington

Band: Emmure

Support: Alpha Wolf, Fit For A King, Obey The Brave, Rise Of The Northstar


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