From Inside – The Black Heart, Camden

From Inside headed to The Black Heart for their first headlining show in London.


The Liverpool based alternative metal band From Inside formed in late 2016 and self-released two EP’s, being ‘The New Era’ (2017, self-release) and ‘When I’m Breathing Without You’ (2018, self-released). Since vocalist Simon Mora decided to step back from his position just before they headed out on tour, the band currently comprises guitarist Thomas Booth, bassist Bam Roberts and drummer George Collins. Musically, From Inside mix heavy distorted guitars with emotionally driven orchestral, electronic and atmospheric backings, alongside both screamed and sung vocals. The lyrics are about the more difficult aspects in live and wrapped in catchy and emotional melodies.



Around 7pm, the Black Heart in Camden opened its doors to a quite mixed but rather young audience. First band on the stage was the London based post-hardcore band Take The Backseat Casey who mix metalcore riffs, with industrial synths, orchestral influences, anthemic choruses and a touch of horror. With their music, the quartet set the mood and ghostly atmosphere for the night. Next up was the melodic hardcore quartet XIII Weeks from Kingston who further built the energy in the room just before Thousand Thoughts entered the stage. The alternative rock quartet, formed in Enfield in 2017, show elements of nu-metal, pop-punk and alt-rock, with lyrics themed around tragedy and loss, which created a powerful and emotive ambience. Everyone in the audience screamed the lyrics at the top of their lungs and added to the band’s performances. They highly appreciated the energy coming from the bands, especially when Ethan (vocals in Thousand Thoughts) joined them in front of the stage.



With the amount of people in the venue seeming to increase before each set and the crowd warmed up, From Inside started their set highly energetic while creating an emotional a vulnerable atmosphere. Everyone screamed the lyrics back to the band and seemed to enjoy themselves. From Inside played a good mix of their songs and appreciated the crowd’s participation and energy.  The lights for each set enhanced the atmosphere and were kept rather dark. While Take The Backseat Casey added more fog to created a haunted vibe, XIII Weeks and Thousand Thoughts had slightly more colourful sets. From Inside created more dynamic by having flashing lights. The acoustic was well mixed, and both the vocals and instruments were balanced.



Overall, it was a great evening with talented bands, good music and an energetic crowd. Both, the bands and audience seemed to have enjoyed themselves. All four bands highly appreciated the crowd’s participation and thanked their fans who sang along and jumped around. It was definitely a special time.



Venue: The Black Heart

Band: From Inside

Support: Take The Backseat Casey, XIII Weeks, Thousand Thoughts

From Inside on Spotify:




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