Chapter And Verse – Thousand Island, London

Chapter And Verse just finished their first ever headlining tour in the UK and it was a blast.

The London based alt-rock quintet comprising vocalist Josh Carter, both guitarists Darren Gosling and Ash Morton, bassist Jonny Hopwood and drummer Kevin Miller just released their first EP ‘Glow’ (2019, self-released) in January before hitting the road for their first UK headlining tour in May of which the second date was in London at the Thousand Island. Chapter And Verse are known for their emotive alt-rock influences, Josh Carters delicate yet energetic vocals alternating between fragile falsettos and soaring screams, as well as their dynamic guitar riffs. Their thoughtfully crafted songs and unique sound makes them sand out and exciting to listen to.

Especially live, the alternation between emotive calm melodies and heavy riffs creates a dynamic atmosphere and animates the audience to go crazy. Hence, there was nothing less to expect from the quite mixed audience at the Thousand Island gig. Opening the stage, the Southampton based alternative band Wavebye set the vibe for the evening and got the crowd dancing just before Veridian entered the stage. The rock outlet from Reading comprises Simon Jackman (vocals), Robbie Everett (guitar), Jonny Slevin (bass), Joe Sellers (guitar), Zack Watson (drums) and James Marshall Stack (keys). Their dynamic rock sound shows influences from bands such as Mallory Knox or Young Guns and brought some energetic vibes with it. Next band on the stage was the emo punk duo Delaire The Liar who played an impressively energetic set hyping up the crowd. Ffin’s vocals alternate between an incredible clean range and shouted vocals which creates dynamic and excitement. With Chapter And Verse entering the stage the audience went mental and screamed the lyrics on the top of their lungs, especially for the latest single ‘Ink’, and moshed around for some of the wilder songs such as ‘Devil In Blue’ or ‘Magazines’. Even Josh joined the crowd which was highly appreciated by the fans. Towards the end of the set crowd surfers made their way to the front of the stage and had a blast.

The sound in the venue was quite good and the lighting was fitted for each set. Chapter and verse kept the lights rather dark and decorated the stage with some smaller lams to create a homely and cosy living room atmosphere which fitted the vibe of the evening perfectly.

Overall, it was a special time and amazing evening with amazingly talented artists and an energetic audience. Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun and the bands appreciated the participation of the crowd.

Venue: Thousand Island

Band: Chapter And Verse

Support: Wavebye, Veridian, Delaire The Liar

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