The Word Alive – The Underworld, Camden

The Word Alive are celebrating their ten-year anniversary as a band and just finished their Europe and UK tour with their final gig in London before heading to Slam Dunk Festival.

The American post-hardcore quartet comprising vocalist Telle Smith, both guitarists Zack Hansen and Tony Pizzuti, as well as drummer Matt Horn have been around for ten years which they celebrated with their ten-year anniversary tour. So far, the band released five full-length albums of which the latest one was ‘Violent Noise’ (2018, via Fearless Records) as well as multiple singles. Over the years their sound changed a bit but in a charming and artistic way while the band always stays true to themselves without losing their identity. Their sound is a mix of heavy breakdowns, catchy refrains and driving riffs, supporting Telle’s both soaring screams and impressive clean vocals.

Opening at around 7pm, The Underworld filled up quickly to a quite mixed audience. First band of the night was the Swedish metalcore band Aviana who will be releasing their new album ‘Epicenter’ later this year via Arising Empire and set off the energy levels high.

Next up was the American metalcore quintet Of Virtue comprising vocalist Tyler Ennis, both guitarists Damon Tate and Michael Valadez, bassist Jon Fox and drummer Kyle Pruehs. The band just released their new album ‘What Defines You’ (2019, via Sharptone Records) which mixes heavy guitar riffs, soaring screams and driving drums with anthemic and melodic choruses. Their dynamic set got the crowd moving and hyped for the following bands.

Make Them Suffer, an Australian metal band, were up next and created an atmospheric vibe with their mix between heavy breakdowns and melodic synths.

With The World Alive entering the stage the crowd went mental and sang every lyric of the songs on the top of their lungs. The set was a walk through all of their album eras starting off with ‘The Hounds Of Anubis’, ‘Epiphany’ and ‘2012’ od their debut ‘Deceiver’ (2010), followed by ‘Play The Victim’ ‘Lighthouse’ and ‘The Runaway’ of their third full-length ‘Real’ (2014) before finishing off the set with a alternating mix of songs from their latest releases ‘Dark Matter’ (2016) and ‘Violent Noise’ including favourites such as ‘Sellout’, ‘Misery’, ‘Trapped’, ‘Red Clouds’, ‘Made This Way’, ‘Why Am I Like This?’ and ‘Human’. ‘Misery’ and ‘Rise’ appeared halfway through the set. However, they couldn’t leave the venue without having played ‘Life Cycles’. Ending the set on this song, Telle jumped off the stage to join the crowd in front of the stage which was highly appreciated by the fans. The energy of the crowd seamed to increase with every song. Everyone was dancing around, joining the big circle pit in the middle of the venue or made their way to the stage by surfing the crowd. As it was Telle’s birthday, the set was stopped towards the end by the crew and other bands to sing ‘Happy Birthday and challenge Telle to crowd surf to the bar and back which he successfully mastered, cheering with some shots back on stage.

Overall, it was a great evening and a special time with amazing bands, a good sound and light show for each set and an energetic crowd. Everyone, both the bands on stage and the audience, seemed to enjoy themselves and having a great time.

Venue: The Underworld

Band: The Word Alive

Support: Aviana, Of Virtue, Make Them Suffer

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