La Dispute – Electric Brixton, London

La Dispute headed to Europe and the UK and played at the sold-out Electric Brixton in London.

The American post-hardcore outlet La dispute just released their latest full-length record ‘Panorama’ (2019, Epitaph), before hitting the road again touring through America, Europe and the UK. Comprising vocalist Jordan Dreyer, drummer Brad Vander Lugt, both guitarists Chad Sterenberg and Corey Stroffolino, as well as bassist Adam Vass, the quintet are known for their complex songwriting and the mix of spoken word passages with versatile sung melodies and screamed outburst which compliments the emotion and atmosphere of the instrumentals and lyrics. They show elements of different genres such as screamo, post-rock, progressive rock, blues, jazz, punk and emo which creates a diverse and unique sound to accompany the diary like, storytelling lyrical style. The message of their lyrics is based on personal experiences, true stories and real struggles examining life struggles.

The Electric Brixton opened its doors around 7pm letting in an exited audience, filling up slowly but steadily. Petrol Girls, a British post-hardcore band, opened the stage with a mix of punk, heavy rock and spoken and screamed vocals. So far, the quartet released three EP’s and two full-length albums of which the latest, ‘Cut & Stitches’, was released in 2019 via Hassle Records. The crowd seemed to enjoy the performance, shouting the lyrics back to the stage creating an energetic atmosphere. Next band was the British punk rock band Milk Teeth who picked up the energy with their grunge and hard rock influenced music, getting the crowd all warmed up and hyped for La Dispute.

With La Dispute entering the stage and starting their set with Fulton Street I and II, the crowd immediately started singing along and dancing around. Jordan kept whirling around the stage like a whirling wind keeping the energy high. The set was a good mix of newer and older songs alternating between energetic heavy crowd moving tracks and slower emotional and melancholic songs which created a unique dynamic. Especially the raw emotional tracks created a vulnerable and almost haunted atmosphere with the crowd shouting the lyrics on the top of their lungs while the up-tempo songs invited to release the energy in a big circle pit in the middle of the venue. The lighting added to the overall atmosphere and enhanced the vibes of each song. La Dispute ended their set with ‘You And I In Unison’ leaving the stage thankful for all the support and crowd participation of the fans.

Everyone seemed to have a great time both the bands on stage as well as the audience in front. It was a special time with talented bands, good music and a energetic crowd who seemed to have enjoyed themselves by dancing and singing along.

Venue: Electric Brixton

Band: La Dispute

Support: Petrol Girls, Milk Teeth

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