Black Tongue – Black Heart, London

Black Tongue headed to a sold-out show at the Black heart in London before heading to mainland Europe continuing their tour.

The British doomcore band comprising vocalist Alex Teyen, both guitarists Eddie Pickard and James Harrison, as well as drummer Aaron Kitcher released their third full-length album ‘Nadir’ (self-released) in 2018, offering a dark, down tuned and nasty sound. The vocals are alternating between screamed and growled followed by breakdowns and heavy guitar riffs which creates a suffocating and energetic atmosphere.

The doors of the Black Heart opened around 7pm with the first band, British modern death metal quintet The Argent Dawn, directly followed by Human Error, a British deathcore band. The sextet got the crowd moving with their up-tempo heavy guitar sound and a mix of pig screams and shouted vocals. Next up was the Cardiff based metal band Upon Those Dying who picked up the energy. Alternating between heavy breakdowns, dark guitar sounds, a mix of screamed and growled vocals, followed by raw and emotional guitar melodies, they created a slightly darker and almost haunted atmosphere which was highly appreciated by the crowd.

The Exeter based downtempo deathcore sextet Drifted were up next and offered an alternation between heavy breakdowns, down tuned guitar riffs and screamed vocals which created a versatile dynamic.

Even though the venue was slowly but steadily filling up at the beginning, the crowd went absolutely mental right from the start creating a mosh pit in front of the stage that spread from one side of the venue to the other. When Black Tongues entered the stage the venue was cramped and the crowd was ready release all the tension and energy in a huge moshpit. The band played a good mix of their songs and saw the crowd screaming the lyrics back to the stage. The dark and energetic atmosphere was enhanced by the dimmed and simple lights. The overall sound could have been a bit clearer and better mixed, but nonetheless everyone seemed to have a great time and enjoyed themselves both the bands on stage, as well as the crowd in front.

Overall, it was a special time, with energetic music, a hyped crowd, and everyone had a blast. The fans released all their energy in huge moshpits right from the beginning and didn’t seem to slow down but rather increase the energy levels towards the end. The bands gave their best on stage, creating an electrifying atmosphere which was highly appreciated by the crowd.

Venue: The Black Heart

Band: Black Tongue

Support: The Argent Dawn, Human Error, Upon Those Dying, Drifted

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