Counterfeit – The Garage, London

Counterfeit. finished their Europe and UK tour in London at The Garage with a bang.

The London based punk rock quintet Counterfeit. comprising vocalist Jamie Campbell Bower, both guitarists Sam Bower and Tristan Marmont, bassist Roland Johnson and drummer Jimmy Craig just released their debut album ‘Together We Are Strong’ in 2017 via Xtra Mile Recordings and have been touring in the UK, Europe and US. Formed in 2015, the quintet mixes punk rock sounds with grungy guitar riffs and raw and honest vocals. Musically, they show elements from pop, punk, rock and grunge, creating a thriving and raw sound which creates an energetic atmosphere at their live shows.

The venue opened its doors around 7pm and a rather young quite female dominated audience gathered in front of the stage waiting for the first band to kick off the night. The Pearl Hearts, a British blues driven rock duo, started off the night with their energetic and roaring sound. Even though, it was only the both of them on stage, they set the energy levels right from the start and picked up the crowd who danced and sung along throughout the whole set.

After a short break to set up the stage again, Counterfeit entered the stage and the crowd went crazy. They played a good mix of their songs with the focus on their most recent releases which was well received by the crowd. Slowing down the set halfway through, Jamie sat down with his acoustic guitar to perform a love ballade just before the rest of the band came back on stage to pick up the pace for the rest of the show. Jamie joined the crowd a couple of times in front of the stage performing with them, jumping and dancing around. The lights and acoustic in the venue suited the set and enhanced the energetic atmosphere.

Everyone seemed to have a great time and enjoyed the evening. The bands gave their best on stage and couldn’t hank the crowd enough for their support. Screaming on the top of their lungs, the dans gave all their energy and participated by clapping along and dancing around. It was a special time and a great way to end the tour.

Venue: The Garage

Band: Counterfeit.

Support: The Pearl Hearts

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