TheCityIsOurs – Boston Music Room, London

TheCityIsOurs celebrated their album release with a sold-out gig at The Boston Music Room.

The five-piece melodic metalcore band from London just released their first full-length record ‘LOW’ (2019, self-released) which touches on topics such as mental health and self-betterment. Musically, the quintet comprising both guitarists Stuart and Mikey, vocalist Sam, drummer Louis and bassist Jay, show influences of metal and melodic metalcore with heavy verses that release the built-up tension in anthemic and melodic choruses. The mix between roughly screamed vocals and sung melodies are accompanied by heavy guitars and energetic drums which creates a unique dynamic and raw atmosphere.

The Boston Music Room opened its doors around 7pm letting in the patiently queuing crowd. After some technical issues in the venue, the first band was ready to kick off the evening. The melodic hardcore quartet comprising Charlie (drums), Ben (bass), Jack (vocals) and Jamie (guitar), set the vibe of the night with a mix of thriving drum rhythms, atmospheric guitar melodies and explosive choruses, which created a unique and almost haunted atmosphere.

Second band of the evening was the four-piece metalcore band Here Lies Titania who were joined by Mikey (TheCityIsOurs) for one of their songs and got the crowd moving a big circle pit with a mix of heavy guitar riffs, hitting breakdowns and shouted vocals.

Next up was the progressive metalcore outlet The Uncharted with a mix of distorted guitar riffs and heavy breakdowns, accompanying the alternation between shouted vocals and anthemic clean vocals which created an energetic atmosphere. The seven-piece band comprising both vocalists Pete and Arron, bassist matt, both guitarists Josh and Joe, keyboarder Aaron and drummer Jack got the crowd hyped and warmed up right before the next band entered the stage.

Comprising Stone (vocals), Kiahn (guitar), Joe (bass) and Joe (drums), the London based metal core outlet Behind Blue Eyes created a vulnerable and raw atmosphere with a mix of anthemic clean choruses and thriving screamed verses, accompanied by atmospheric guitar melodies. Towards the end of their set, they saw the venue lit by all the lights the audience hold up which they highly appreciated.

With TheCityIsOurs entering the stage, the crowd went absolutely mental enjoying themselves jumping around in circle pits and screaming the lyrics on the top of their lungs. The band played through their new releases and added some older songs into the set which was highly appreciated by the fans. Pete (The Uncharted) joined TheCityIsOurs for some guest vocals during one of their songs seemingly enjoying his time on stage. Towards the end of the set the crowd surfed their way to the stage and saw the band jumping off stage into the crowd as well. The band was overwhelmed by the positive feedback of their fans and couldn’t thank them enough. Even though, the venue had some technical issues, the sound was fine and not too muffled. The lights were kept rather simple and dark, which enhanced the atmosphere of each band’s set and music.

Overall, it was a great evening with amazing bands, great music and an energetic crowd. Everyone seemed to have a blast both the crowd in front of the stage as well as all the bands on stage. The bands highly appreciated the energy of the crowd and their participation screaming the lyrics on the top of their lungs and expressing themselves in a big mosh pit. It definitely was a special time.

Venue: Boston Music Room

Band: TheCityIsOurs

Support: XIII Weeks, Here Lies Titania, The Uncharted, Behind Blue Eyes

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