Being As An Ocean – Islington Assembly Hall, London

Being As An Ocean headed to the Islington Assembly in London as part of their Europe and UK tour run.

The American post-hardcore band Being As An Ocean just released their latest full-length album ‘Proxy’ (2019, self-released/Believe) before hitting the road to support their latest release. Currently comprising vocalist Joel Quartuccio, lead guitarist Tyler Ross, vocalist and guitarist Michael McGough and bassist Ralph Sica, the quartet creates a mix of melodic and post-hardcore. Musically, they mix atmospheric rock with ambient guitars and electronic vibes while the vocals are alternating between Joel’s spoken word and screams, and Michael’s sung vocals in the choruses. The mix of styles and dynamic creates raw emotions and expresses their passion and vulnerability. Especially the lyricism is heartfelt and about personal life experiences, pain, loss, emotions, depression, hope, love or humility.

The Islington Assembly Hall opened the doors around 7pm slowly filling up with a quite mixed crowd of older and younger fans. First up was the American metal band Afterlife, comprising vocalist Tyler Levenson, guitarist Andrew McGuire, bassist Tristan Edwards and drummer Luke Walkinshaw. Their sound is a mix of metal and roc with influences from hip-hop. The personal lyrics about mental health, anxiety and personal life experiences are delivered through Tyler’s mix between sung, screamed and rapped vocals which created a high level of energy right from the start and got the audience’s attention.

Second band of the evening was the French metalcore band Novelists. Matt Gelsomino (vocals), Florestan Durand (guitar), Amael Durand (drums) and Nicolas Delestrade (bass) create an ambient sound with influences from djent and progressive metal supporting a mix of mainly clean and screamed vocals. The energy and dynamic the quartet created got the crowd moving and prepared for the final band of the night. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and sung along or run around in circle pits.

With the lights turning down and the intro of Proxy ‘The Envoy’ kicking off Being As An Ocean entered the stage to start their set with ‘Play And Pretend’. The atmosphere inside the venue got more intense and electrifying creating an almost haunted and emotional ambient. The crowd was off their feet from the first second on, screaming the lyrics back to the stage with all their heart. It didn’t take long until Joel jumped off the stage and joined the crowd, where he was performing most of the time through out the set which made the show even more personal and intimate. Focusing on songs from Proxy and Waiting For The Morning To Come, the set list included a good mix of songs from all their releases including ‘Alone’, ‘OK’, ‘Dissolve’, ‘Black & Blue’, ‘Lexquisite Douleur’ and the closer ‘This Loneliness Won’t Be The Death Of Me’ before the band played ‘The Hardest Part Is Forgetting Those You Swore You Would Never Forget’ and A.N.I.M.O’. The dark and atmospheric lighting helped to create a cosy and haunted vibe which enhanced the raw and emotional music.

Overall, it was a special time with amazing bands, great music and an energetic audience. Everyone seemed to have fun and enjoyed themselves singing along and moshing around. The bands’ performances were on top and they gave their best on stage, highly appreciating the audiences support and participation.

Venue: Islington Assembly Hall

Band: Being As An Ocean

Support: Afterlife, Novelists

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