River Becomes Ocean & Kill The Ideal – The Unicorn, London

River Becomes Ocean and Kill The Ideal headed to the Unicorn in London.

The Lincolnshire alt-rock trio Kill The Ideal hit the road together with River Becomes Ocean and played a few shows across the UK. Currently comprising vocalist and guitarist Ash Wilson, bassist Luke Farmer and drummer Jordan Bell, the group creates a dynamic and grunge-ish sound with big choruses and catchy melodies. So far, the trio released their debut EP ‘Heritage’ (2015, self-released) and a self-titled EP ‘Kill The Ideal’ in 2017 (self-released). Before they went on tour, they just released their newest single ‘Criminal Town’ (2019, self-released).

After the doors at the Unicorn opened a quite young audience started to build up in front od the stage, waiting for Kill The Ideal to kick off the night. With their energetic sound the captured the audience’s attention right from the start and didn’t slow down until the end. Halfway through the set Ash jumped off stage and run a round in the venue, returning to the stage to finish the song. They played a good mix of all their releases to date and seemed to have a blast on stage as well as the fans in front of the stage who danced and clapped along.

Second and final band of the evening was the Brighton based alternative rock group River Becomes Ocean. Formed in 2013, the quintet currently comprises vocalist Marvin McMahon, both guitarists Danny Snow and Ben Bartup, bassist George Donoghue and drummer Dorian Neidhard. Musically, the band mixes heavy rock riffs with cinematic sounds, creating a moody but electrifying ambient vibe. So far, the quintet released the two EP’s ‘The World Around Me’ (2014, self-released) and ‘December’ (2016, self-releases), followed by their debut album ‘A Motion Paralysed’ in 2019. Their ambient sound got the audience get involved and singing along. Everyone seemed to have an amazing time, on stage as well as in front of the stage. Ash decided to spontaneously jump on stage as well to join River Becomes Ocean for one song.

Overall, it was a great evening with good music and, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Even though the crowd was quite small, the bands gave their best and made sure everyone enjoys the evening, using all available space on and off stage. The audience appreciated the energy of the bands and had fun dancing along. It was a special time and definitely a nice evening.

Venue: The Unicorn

Band: River Becomes Ocean & Kill The Ideal

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