Stake – The Social, London

Stake headed to The Social in London to play an intimate show and went wild.

The Belgian atmospheric grunge core quartet Stake hit the road to support their recently released album ‘Critical Method’ (2019, Hassle Records), playing three dated in the UK one of which was at The Social in London. Brent Vanneste (vocals, guitar), Joris Casier (drums), Cis Deman (guitar) and Jesse Surmont (bass) create an energetic gunge infused guitar-heavy sound, having thriving drum beats, atmospheric vibes and soaring riffs that get the crowd moving. The vocals are mainly shouted and add rawness and emotion to the sound.

Opening the doors around 7pm, the 250-capacity filled up with an excited crowd, waiting for Phoxjaw to open the stage. The grunge-infused alt rock quartet comprises vocalist and bassist Danny Garland, guitarist Alexander Share, as well as the brothers Kieran (drums) and Josh (guitar) Gallop. Having just released their debut EP ‘A Playground For Sad Adults’ (2019, Hassle Records) earlier this year, they mix soaring guitar riffs, melancholic melodies and rough vocals with emotional raw grunge vibes, creating a distinct and unique sound. Their explosive stage performance captured the attention from the crowd right from the start and set the energy levels high.

With Stake entering the stage, the already hyped crowd got fully involved, singing along and jumping around. Stake played a good mix of songs, focusing on their most recent releases but adding in some older songs as well. The darkness inside the venue with just some indirect light sources and the small size of the room added to the grungy and raw vibes making it a special time.

Overall, it was a nice evening with amazing bands, an energetic crowd and great music. Stake and Phoxjaw couldn’t thank the audience enough for their support and energy and gave their best on stage which was highly appreciated by their fans!

Venue: The Social

Band: Stake

Support: Phoxjaw

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