Chapter And Verse – The Courtyard Theatre, London

Chapter And Verse welcomed ‘The New Breed’ with an intimate gig at the Courtyard Theatre.

After they just released their latest singles ‘Beauty Sleep’ (2019, Killing Moon Records) and ‘Bad Blood’ (2019, Killing Moon Records) the British alt-rock quintet hosted their first ‘New Breed’ (as they call their fans) event in London. The band comprising vocalist Josh Carter, both guitarists Darren Gosling and Ash Morton, bassist Jonny Hopwood and drummer Kevin Miller mix emotive calm melodies and heavy riffs which creates a dynamic atmosphere. Josh’s vocals alternate between raspy screams and melodic falsettos mixing pop influenced melodies with heavy guitar riffs.

The evening at the sold-out Courtyard Theatre started with a short acoustic set where Josh sat down with his guitar and played a few songs for everyone who arrived a little bit earlier and impressed with his incredible vocal range. Meanwhile, the first band of the evening, the Manchester based rock band Tirade set up and got ready to take over the stage once everyone ventured from the bar where the acoustic set took place to the actual concert room. With their electrifying guitar riffs and pop-punky melodies they captured the audience’s attention right from the start and got everyone warmed up for Chapter And Verse.

With the lights turning off and the first riffs of ‘Bad Blood’ ringing through the room the crowd was off their feet dancing to the beat. Chapter And Verse played a good mix of their releases including some older songs such as ‘The New Breed’, ‘A Devil In Blue’ or the closer ‘Magazines’ as well as some recent releases such as ‘Ink’, ‘Beauty Sleep’, ‘Eleven Hours In Real Time’, ‘Miracle Drugs’ and a live debut called ‘Sweet Time’. Everyone seemed to have a great time enjoying themselves dancing around and singing the lyrics on the top of their lungs. Even Josh jumped into the crowd and surfed his way through the room while performing.

Overall, it was a great evening with amazing music and a lot of fun. Chapter And Verse gave their best on stage and were highly appreciative for their fans’ continuous support and passion. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and had a blast. The feeling of acceptance and belongingness throughout the whole evening was impressive and turned it into a special time.

Venue: The Courtyard Theatre

Band: Chapter And Verse

Support: Tirade

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