Holding Absence – Scala, London

Holding Absence ended the year with their biggest show to date and sold out London’s Scala.

The Cardiff based emotive hardcore quartet comprising vocalist Lucas Woodland, Guitarist Scotty Carey, drummer Ashley Green and bassist James Joseph just released their highly anticipated debut album ‘Holding Absence’ (2019, Sharptone Records) earlier this year before touring the UK and Europe to support the release. The group mixes elements of emotive hardcore, pop, post-hardcore and rock, creating soaring guitar riffs, catchy and anthemic choruses, combined with raw and deeply honest emotions in their lyrics. Their unique sound creates an intimate and haunted atmosphere while Lucas impresses with his incredible vocal range, alternating between melodically sung and emotionally screamed parts.

The queue outside the venue seemed endless until the doors opened to let in the excitingly waiting fans. Filling up quickly, the excitement inside the venue grew until Acers opened the stage. With their heavily dark and anthemic sound which mixes melodically sung and roughly screamed vocals with ambient guitar sounds and thriving drums, they captured the audience right from the start and set the energy levels high. Press To MECO followed next, a British progressive alternative rock band comprising vocalist and bassist Adam Roffey, vocalist and guitarist Luke Caley, as well as vocalist and drummer Lewis Williams. With their fusion of pop-ish choruses, punchy guitars and technical precision, they got the crowd immediately and warmed them up for the final band of the night.

With the lights turning off the last time, the set started with the songs that started Holding Absence’s journey as a band and set the special atmosphere that lead throughout the whole evening. Opener ‘Permanent’ was followed by ‘Dream Of Me’, ‘Penance’, Heaven Knows’, ‘Saint Cecilia’ and the homage to the fans ‘Everything’. The crowd was hyped right from the start, singing every word back on the top of their lungs. The second part of the set was the debut album as a whole starting with ‘Perish’, slowing down in the middle with the piano ballad ‘Marigold’ and ending with the anthemic ‘Wilt’ leaving the fans filled with excitement and hunger for more. Even though they spent loads of energy moshing and crowd surfing it seemed as they were tireless which was highly appreciated by the band.

It definitely was a special time with very talented bands and great musicians. Holding Absence couldn’t thank their fans enough for all their support so far and promised more to come in the new year. It was an amazing end for a successful 2019, leaving excitement for what is coming next!

Venue: Scala

Band: Holding Absence

Support: Acres, Press To MECO

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