Imminence – The Garage, London

Imminence headed to the Garage in London as part of their ‘Turn The Light On: Album Tour Pt. II’.

The Swedish alternative metalcore quintet comprising vocalist and violinist Eddie Berg, guitarists Harald Barrett and Alex Arnoldsson, bassist Christian Höijer and drummer Peter Hanström are known for their emotive and ambient sound, combining soaring guitar riffs and thriving drum rhythms with anthemic vocals and classical violin melodies. Until now the band released three full-length albums including the highly anticipated ‘Turn The Light On’ (2019, Arising Empire) followed by an acoustic reimagination of some songs of the album. Their sound is a mix of raw and hard-hitting instrumentation combined with the anthemic and ambient elements of the violin and vocals which distinguishes their sound.

The venue opened its doors around 7pm to a rather younger audience who excitedly waited for the first band to kick off the night. Deadthrone, a British metalcore quartet from Manchester, opened the stage and set the tone of the night. Their heavy sound created the right energy and excitement. Chris (vocals), James (guitar), Sam (guitar), and Benj (drums) gave their best and seemed to have a great time even though they had to face a quite tough crowd. Next up was the German modern metal band The Oklahoma Kid who try to bridge the gap between energetic rhythms and technical complexity, showing influences from melodic hardcore and progressive rock. Even though their set was completely instrumental, they picked up the energy Deadthrone let the stage with and added more ambient and darkness to it which prepared the audience for the third band of the evening.

With their latest release ‘Lonely World’ (2019, A Wolf At Your Door Records) the British emotive hardcore quartet Acres created a raw and honest sound combining ambient guitar sounds, anthemic pop-punk melodies and deeply honest lyrics with heavy breakdowns, soaring riffs and energetic drums which creates a dark, vulnerable and almost haunted atmosphere. The energy in their music was picked up immediately by the crowd who sang along and seemed to get warmed up. Ben (vocals), Alex (guitar), Jack (bass) and Konnor (drums) gave their best and highly appreciated the energy of the crowd.

With the lights turning off again and the emotional instrumentals slowly leading into the album opener ‘Erase’ the crowd was off their feet and screamed the lyrics on the top of their lungs. The setlist was a good mix of older songs such as ‘Broken Love’, ‘The Sickness’, as well as some newer songs such as ‘Scars’, ‘Room To Breathe’ or ‘Lighthouse’ before finishing the first part of the set with the energetic ‘Paralyzed’. They slowed the set down a bit playing ‘This Is Goodbye’ and ‘Crawling (Linkin Park)’ as stripped-down acoustic versions which added a haunted and fragile vibe to the emotional atmosphere in the venue. The crowd was left with ‘Deat Of You’, ‘Infectious’ and ‘This Is Goodbye’ as encores and a burst of energy. Pyro, steam, lights and smog enhanced the dynamic and overall vibe of the music and created even more energy which was picked up by the crowd who enjoyed themselves dancing in mosh pits.

Overall, it was a special time with talented bands and great music. Both, the bands and the audience seemed to have an amazing time. Even though the crowd took quite a while to wake up, the bands gave their best and appreciated the support of everyone who came earlier to see all the bands. Imminence delivered an impressive and emotional show which was well received by the fans who sang along and enjoyed themselves dancing around.

Venue: The Garage

Band: Imminence

Support: Deadthrone, The Oklahoma Kid, Acres

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