Hundredth – New Cross Inn, London

Hundredths returned to the UK and stopped at the New Cross Inn in London ending their UK leg of the UK and EU tour.

After shifting their heavy melodic hardcore style to a more ambient and synth influenced rock style, the American alternative rock trio comprising vocalist Chadwick Johnson, guitarist Alex Blackwell IV and bassist Andrew Minervini, released the four singles ‘Iridescent’, ‘Leave Yourself’, ‘Whatever’ and ‘Cauterize’ in 2019 following their last full-length record ‘RARE’ in 2017. Sonically, their new style mixes ambient guitars with mellow synths and rhythmic drums while the vocals add an almost haunted and melancholic vibe to the overall atmosphere.

The venue opened its doors around 7pm, slowly filling up with curiously waiting fans who came down early to catch Heart Of Gold, the solo project of guitarist and vocalist Michael McGough (also guitarist and vocalist in Being As An Ocean). With his 80s synth pop-influenced indie guitar sound and thriving vocals Heart Of Gold set the vibes and atmosphere for the night which was warmly received by the audience. Next up was the Brighton based alternative rock quartet Big Spring. With their thriving alt-rock punk-infused sound they immediately upped the energy levels in the room and got the crowd excited. They seemed to have a great time on stage and appreciated the crowd’s participation. Third act of the night was the American based singer Ryan Caraveo who brought a fusion of rap and hip-hop to get the crowd moving. He was joined by Chadwick on guitar and Mat Koontz on drums from Hundredth just before they were about to get on stage and end off the night.

Opening their set with one of last year’s singles ‘Iridescent’, Hundredth mainly played songs from their latest album Rare including ‘Vertigo’, ‘Hole’ and the closing tracks ‘Neurotic’, ‘Youth’ and ‘Departure’ which seemed to be the crowd’s favourites. Everyone had a great time and the guys were highly thankful for being welcomed back so warmly. The Crowd sang along and danced around seemingly having a great time.

It was definitely a special time with four special and very different sounding bands which helped to create the overall atmosphere of the night. The mix of ambient and gritty rock was well received by the crowd who enjoyed the sets of all four bands who were highly thankful for the crowd’s engagement and energy.

Venue: New Cross Inn

Band: Hundredth

Support: Heart Of Gold, Big Spring, Ryan Caraveo

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