New Years Day – o2 Academy Islington, London

New Years Day headlined the o2 Academy Islington in London as part of their first EU and UK headlining tour.

Currently comprising vocalist Ash Costello, both guitarists Nikki Misery and Austin Ingerman, as well as bassist Frankie Sil, the American rock band mixes different styles such as alternative metal, gothic rock and hard rock while the lyrics address different topics such as personal struggles and empowerment. Having released four full-length albums so far with ‘Unbreakable’ (2019 via Another Century) being their latest album release, they use technical metal riffs, heavy drumbeats and catchy vocals to create their own style while visually embracing their inner goths.

Around 6pm, the gates to the o2 Academy Islington opened and let a quite mixed audience enter, excitingly waiting for the first band to kick off the night. Call Me Amour opened the stage with their dark electronic-infused rock sound which created a moody and almost haunted atmosphere and set the vibe of the night. The crowd seemed to enjoy the set and got warmed up just in time for the next band on the stage. Grunge rockers Lowlives took the energy levels in the venue to the next level saw the crowd screaming the lyrics back to the stage. Mixing heavy guitar riffs and roughly shouted vocals brought a nostalgic Nirvana feel back but with fresh energy and power which was well received by the audience.

Starting their set with ‘Come For Me’, ‘Malevolence’ and ‘I’m About To Break You’, New Years Day picked up the energy immediately and saw the crowd off their feet singing along and dancing around. They took the show off stage and joined the crowd which was greatly appreciated by their fans towards the end of the set Ash asked the audience to give the people in the back the chance to join the barricade so everyone who would like to could get the chance of seeing them up close. After some hesitation, the front was willing to cooperate, and the show could go on. They played a good mix of their discography with the focus on their last two albums. Leading towards the end they finished the set with ‘Scream’, ‘Defame Me’ and ‘Angel Eyes’ which saw the crowd screaming Chris Motionless’ parts. As it was Ash’s birthday, the band members took the short break at the end as a chance to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ with the crowd as a big choir.

Overall, it was a great evening with good music and three bands who seemed to have a blast on stage. The crowd had an amazing time singing at the top of their lungs and dancing around which was highly appreciated by the bands. It was a special time and both the audience and all three bands seemed to enjoy themselves.

Venue: o2 Academy Islington

Band: New Years Day

Support: Call Me Amour, LOWLIVES

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