Montrell – Signature Brew Haggerston, London

Montrell got to play a sold-out show at the Signature Brew Haggerston and it was a blast!

The London-based four-piece deliver a joyful and nostalgic indie-pop sound using old school songwriting with a modern twist that combines elements from psych-rock to dream pop. Formed by Jonny P Taylor (vocals/guitar), Alex Moorse (drums), Sam Delves (bass) and Michael Kurtz (guitar), the band released their first single back in 2017 followed by multiple Eps, the latest being ‘Angel’ (2021, self-released) which contains a total of three songs that capture the current zeitgeist with their melancholic yet dreamy vibe.

As the Signature Brew Haggerston is both a pub and a venue people started curiously moving from the bar towards the stage when London-based alt-folk artist Izzie Yardley entered the stage with her guitar to warm up the crowd with her calming voice. Shortly after Izzie’s set, Nierra Creek, a Brighton-based folk-pop duo who mix their sound with electronic synth production, stepped onto the stage to get the crowd warmed up for Montrell.

With the venue slowly filling up, Montrell made their way on the stage and captured the crowd right from the start. They played a good mix of their discography and created a warm yet melancholic vibe that got the crowd moving, swaying, and dancing along. Everyone seemed to have a wonderful time enjoying themselves both as part of the crowd and performing on stage. It was a special time with good music and lovely bands.

Venue: Signature Brew Haggerston

Band: Montrell

Support: Izzie Yardley, Nierra Creek

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