Miss Vincent – Signature Brew Haggerston, London

Miss Vincent headed to London to celebrate the release of their debut album ‘A Funeral For Youth’!

Having just released their long-awaited debut album ‘A Funeral For Youth’, the punk rock outsiders from Southampton, comprising vocalist Alex Marshall, guitarist Lawrie Patterson, bassist Owain Mainwaring and drummer Nate Davenport, aim to create a place where underdogs feel at home and to bring some romance back into Rock N Roll – everyone is welcome at their shows. They built a solid foundation, long-lasting bonds and loyal fanbase by working their way through tiny underground venues and perfecting their craft. No wonder their latest releases saw them being supported by the likes of Rock Sound Magazine, Kerrang! and Alt Press.

With the Signature Brew already being quite busy, people started gathering in front of the stage when The Parasocials started their set to get the crowd warmed up and hyped for Miss Vincent. After a short break and a quick changeover during which the venue started getting more crowded, Miss Vincent made their way onto the stage and got the party started. Right from the start people were drawn to the stage and it didn’t take long to see everyone dancing and singing along. The mix of the band’s punk rock attitude and the music’s rock n roll influenced style created an energetic yet warm and welcoming atmosphere. Everyone seemed to have a lovely time and to enjoy themselves – everyone was welcome and it’ll be exciting to see what Miss Vincent have up their sleeves for 2022. It truly was a special time.

VenueSignature Brew Haggerston

BandMiss Vincent

SupportThe Parasocials

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