Order – photo challenge

This week, the topic of the Daily Post’s photo challenge is about ‘order’. ‘Order’ is quite a broad topic with many different meanings. On the one hand, ‘order’ might describe the disposition or arrangement of things and people related to each other in a specific pattern, method or sequence. On the other hand, ‘order could be an authoritative command, as well as a particular economic, political or social system. There are many more meanings and definitions for this week’s topic. However, I chose to show order as an arrangement of things in a specific pattern, method or sequence.

Especially the lovely floral compositions at the Keukenhof in the Netherlands or the accurate standing old houses surrounding a river in Antwerp in Belgium, as well as the neatly rowed wooden columns and beach houses at the beach in Zeeland are good examples to show ‘order’.

It was a special time visiting all those places and taking the pictures 🙂 So here are my examples:


Tulips at the Keukenhof, The Netherlands


Specifig order of flower arrangements – Keukenhof, The Netherlands


Specific order of wooden columns – Zeeland, The Netherlands


la susi holland 1112x
Cheese market with a specific arrangement of Gouda cheese – Alkmaar, The Netherlands


la susi holland 1258x
Neatly order of houses – Zirikzee, The Netherlands


la susi holland 1582x
A neat row of houses along a river – Gent, Belgium


la susi holland 1602x
Beach houses in a neatly row – Zeeland, The Netherlands


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8 thoughts on “Order – photo challenge

  1. A nice take on this challenge. Lots of order and the occasional bit of ‘dis’ order ( the columns of the breakwater have one rebel in the otherwise orderly line up. )


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