Satisfaction – photo challenge

This week’s photo challenge of the Daily’s Post is about ‘satisfaction’. Especially regarding photography and holidays there is nothing more satisfying than an amazing cliff and cost path with a beautiful view. Walking along Saint David’s Head in Wales was absolutely amazing and the view was more than satisfying. I had a special time taking all the pictures there 🙂


St. David’s coast – Wales


Beautiful view at St. David’s coast path – Wales, UK


Satisfying coast view – Wales, UK


Beautiful landscape at St. David’s – Wales, UK



Beautiful coast line – Wales, UK

18 thoughts on “Satisfaction – photo challenge

      1. Oh, that’s sad. But sometimes it’s hard to find a proper path here as well without gps 😄 But the coast paths are very well described and marked! Always love walking along the coast☺️👌

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      2. I guess I just got used to walking in Cornwall, in fact you’re right, more and more of the inland walks are now getting blocked by various landowners 😦 It’s an ongoing battle for people such as the Ramblers to try and keep the paths all clearly marked and open. But the coast path certainly is a pleasure to walk on 🙂

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      3. Oh, that is sad… It’s always lovely to walk around and seeing the nature🙂 But without proper signs and descriptions it’s really hard😕 Yes, that’s for sure!! It was amazing and impressive ☺️

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