Windows – photo challenge

The latest topic of the Daily Post’s photo challenge is ‘windows’. It’s a very versatile topic that can be used literally or metaphorically. Eyes for example can be also seen as the window to somebody’s soul or it can be the view into another world. However, literally, windows are holes in the walls of buildings, to let the light inside and give people the opportunity to look outside or the other way around – look inside. They can be just holes or also ‘covered’ with glass or other materials to secure the hole. There are many different types of windows. It could be a very colourful window in a church telling a story, or a window of a remaining ruin, that gives a glimpse of how the area might have looked like a hundred years ago.

Traveling to different destinations can be a metaphorical window as you enter a different ‘world’ or see the world through ‘other eyes’. It is always a special time exploring all these destinations and cultures, visiting ancient places and discovering the world – maybe be looking through some of these old and still remaining windows 😉


Colourful chruche window – Ireland


Remains of an Abbey – Ireland


Look outside – Ireland


Beautiful, huge windows, letting a lt of light inside and giving a glimpse of how the place might has looked like – Ireland



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