Shvpes – Boston Music Room

Shvpes headline the Boston music Room as part of their latest record ‘Greater Than’.


The Birmingham based metal band comprises vocalist Griffin Dickinson, both guitarists Ryan Hamilton and Youssef Ashraf, drummer Harry Jennings and bassist Grant Leo Knight. Formed in 2009, the quintet mixes elements of melodic hardcore, hip hop, metal, alternative rock and funk which creates a unique and dynamic sound. Griffin alternates between sun, screamed and spoken vocals, which are supported by heave but rhythmic guitars and energetic drum patterns. So far, they released two full-length albums being ‘Greater Than’ (2018, Spinefarm Records / Universal) and ‘Pain. Joy. Ecstasy. Despair’ (2016, Spinefarm Records).



The Boston Music Room opened its doors around 7pm to a mixed fanbase. First band on the stage was the London based alt-rock band Palmist being Alex Hills (guitar), Sam Peterson (vocals), Jack Hudson (bass), Adam Sutherland (guitar) and Connor Tate (drums) who just recently released their first EP ‘The Walls Between You & I’ (2019, self-released). Next band on the stage was the British metal band Death Blooms who came all the way from Liverpool. Vocalist Paul, guitarist Ad, bassist Giz and drummer Dani set the energy levels for the evening, just before the Nottingham based metal quintet The Five Hundred lifted the energy to the next level. Jonathan (vocals), Mark (guitar), Paul (guitar), Andy (bass) and Kelsley (drums) got the crowd moving and prepared for the final band of the evening.



When Shvpes entered the stage, everyone went off their feet and jumped around or run in the big circle pit that formed right in the middle of the small venue. The band played a good mix of both of their albums and delivered a dynamic set right from the beginning. Opening with ‘Undertones’, the energy in the room was high and saw the crowd engaging in their performance while songs such as ‘State Of Mind’ and ‘Skin And Bones’ got the crowd singing the lyrics back to the stage on the top of their lungs. Not only the fans started crowd surfing but also Griffin himself joined the audience expanding the stage into the crowd. The acoustic was well mixed for a small venue and the light show was kept simple which suited the set well as it did not distract from the music.


Overall, it was a special time and a great evening with highly motivated bands and a great audience. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and seemed to have loads of fun. The bands highly appreciated the energy of the crowd who jumped along and screamed all the lyrics on the top of their lungs.




Venue: Boston Music Room
Artist: Shvpes
Support: Palmist, Death Blooms, The Five Hundred



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