Our Hollow, Our Home – Boston Music Room

Our Hollow, Our Home end their UK tour at the Boston Music Room with an incredible show.


The Southampton based melodic metalcore band Our Hollow, Our Home formed in 2013 and currently consists of vocalist Connor Hallisey, clean vocalist and guitarist Tobias Young, drummer Nick Taliadoros, guitarist Josh White and bassist Bobby Brooks. Musically, the quintet shows elements of melodic metalcore, post-hardcore, melodic death metal and trash metal, having melodic choruses with clean vocals, heavy breakdowns and screamed verses. Until now the band released their debut EP ‘//Redefine’ in 2015 (self-released) which was followed by three full-length albums with the latest one being ‘In Moment // In Memory’ in 2018 via Hollow Music.



The Boston Music Room opened its doors around 7pm and filled up quite quickly with a mixed but rather younger audience. First band on the stage was the British progressive metalcore band The Uncharted. Arron (clean vocals), Pete (screamed vocals), Josh (guitar), Joe (guitar), Matt (bass), Aaron (synths) and Jack (drums) started off with high levels of energy and got the crowd moving in a circle pit right from the start.



ThecityIsOurs, the second band of the evening, picked up the energy in the room and brought it to the next level. The crowd moved in mosh pits and screamed the lyrics back to the stage. The London based melodic hardcore quintet comprising Sam (vocals), Mikey (guitar), Stuart (guitar), Louis (drums) and Jay (bass) just released their latest single ‘Casket’ in 2018 (self-released) and were joined by both Pete (The Uncharted) and Connor (Our Hollow, Our Home) during their set.



Next up was the British metal band Lock & Key, comprising Rich (vocals), Ben (guitar), Danny (guitar), Elliot (bass) and Josh (drums). Their dynamic set created an energetic atmosphere and got the crowd hyped for the final band.



With Our Hollow, Our Home entering the stage the crowd went mental and turned the space in front of the stage into one circle pit. Everyone screamed the lyrics at the top of their lungs and seemed to enjoy themselves. Mickey (TheCityIsOurs) and Pete (The Uncharted) each joined as guest vocalists during the set. The well mixed acoustic and the rather simple light show created a darker melancholic but dynamic atmosphere. As it was the last day of the tour, everyone seemed to give an extra 100 % and was highly motivated. The fans enjoyed themselves surfing the crowd and running around in circle pits which was highly appreciated by all four bands. Our Hollow, Our Home played a good mix of all their releases music as well as they played the very emotional ‘Parting Gift’ as one of their encores. All bands gathered together for one of the last songs to celebrate the end of the tour.



Overall, it was a great evening with both highly motivated bands and fans, good music and loads of energy. Everyone seemed to have enjoyed themselves and the bands highly appreciated the engagement of the crowd which made the end of the tour a special time.



Venue: Boston Music Room
Artist: Our Hollow, Our Home
Support: The Uncharted, TheCityIsOurs, Lock&key



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