Selfworth, Pengshui & Black Coast – Kerrang! Fresh Blood, The Old Blue Last

Alex Baker presents Kerrang!‘s Fresh Blood at The Old Blue Last with Selfworth, Pengshui and Black Coast.

Alongside their latest single release ‘Paperskin’ (2019, self-released/Silent Cult), the London based emotive hardcore outlet Selfworth was part of Kerrang!’s Fresh Blood show at the Old Blue Last. The quintet comprising vocalist Jack, both guitarists Brandon and Tom, bassist Ben, and drummer George mix a heavy and dynamic guitar sound with more melodic and atmospheric parts in between which supports the mainly shouted vocals, telling deeply honest and personal stories. So far they released several singles being ‘Sleep In Deep Colour’ (2018, self-released) ‘The Sorry Notes’ (2018, self-released) and the latest one ‘Paperskin’.



With a slight delay, the venue opened its doors just before 8pm and let in a patiently waiting crowd of young adults. First band opening the stage was Slefworth, who delivered an atmospheric and dark set, filled with energy and emotion. Even though, they had technical issues with one of their guitars towards the end of their set, they powered through with one band member less and made the best out of the situation which worked well. Next up was the highly energetic London based rap punk band Pengshui, comprising of vocalist Illaman, bassist Fatty and drummer Pravvy Prav. With their upbeat heavy sound, they got the crowd moving and opening up a big circle pit right in front of the stage. The crowd was highly motivated and engaged in the performance.



Ending the night, the melodic hardcore band Black Coast from Stoke-on-Trent brought back a rather metal influenced sound with added melodic influences. Even though the crowd shrunk during the break before Charlie (vocals), Jack (bass), Joe (guitar), Scott (guitar) and Matt (drums) entered the stage, the quintet didn’t let it affect them and powered through their set. The remaining people opened up another circle pit which was highly appreciated by the band.



The lights for each set were kept rather simple and dark which suited the overall atmosphere, especially for Selfworth as it created a cosy but vulnerable and melancholic ambient. Despite several complications with the equipment, the overall acoustic was alright. However, the balance between vocals and instruments could have been better mixed as the music seemed to over power the vocals at times.



Overall, it was a great evening with good music and highly talented upcoming bands. The crowd was motivated and engaging which was much appreciated by all three bands. Despite technical issues and a disappearing crowd towards the end of the night the bands stayed motivated and gave their best. It was definitely a special time.



Venue: The Old Blue Last
Artists: Selfworth, Pengshui, Black Coast
Event: Kerrang! Fresh Blood, presented by Alex Baker



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