Holding Absence – Banquet Records, Kingston

Holding Absence played a cosy acoustic set at Banquet Records Kingston to support their upcoming album!



The Cardiff based emotive hardcore band Holding Absence, comprising of vocalist Lucas Woodland, both guitarists Chris Smitheram and Scott Carey, drummer Ashley Green and bassist James Joseph, hit the road to play a few acoustic shows prior to the release of their highly anticipated debut album ‘Holding Absence’ (2019, via Sharptone Records). One of the stops let the quintet to the Banquet Records store in Kingston. The small room right next to the store was packet with all the fans curiously waiting to hear the band play through their set which included some of their already released singles such as ‘Saint Cecilia’, ‘You Are Everything’, ‘Like A Shadow’, ‘Monochrome’ and a surprising unreleased one called ‘Wilt’.

The fans joined in singing along, backing up Lucas (vocals), Chris (guitar) and Scott (guitar), filling the room with all their beautiful voices which was highly appreciated by the band. The small size of the room and the stripped back setup supported the rawness and vulnerability of the music, as well as it created a cosy and melancholic atmosphere. Following the acoustic set, the band stayed for a little signing session in the record store next door.

It was definitely a special time for both Holding Absence who were highly thankful and humble, and the fans who were excited to listen the band’s music. Everyone seemed to have a great time and to enjoy themselves.



The album ‘Holding Absence’ is finally available as of today (March 08th, 2019) physically as CD and vinyl, as well as on all major streaming platforms.

It is a well written and composed piece of art alternating between heavily punching guitars, atmospheric synths and raw and emotional vocals. Musically, the album shows elements of emotive hardcore and post-hardcore, with catchy and anthemic choruses. Lyrically, the album touches on love, hope, hate and offers an emotional and deeply honest rollercoaster of emotions. The album starts off with the atmospheric yet energetic ‘Perish’ builds its energy which each following song resolving into the piano ballade ‘Marigold’ before picking up the pace again leading to the anthemic and heartbreakingly emotional closer ‘Wilt’.

Following the release, the quintet is hitting the road again towards the end of March to play a few headlining shows in the UK!


Venue: Banquet Records

Band: Holding Absence

‘Holding Absence’ by Holding Absence on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/4QjyWGfAEiYmHQRAZiAdA1?si=3ruI6wcJSiCpxDhudarU4w




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