Acres – Black Heart, London

Acres finish their first UK and Europe solo tour with a sold-out show in London!

The British emotive post-hardcore band Acres just released their long-awaited debut album ‘Lonely World’ (2019, via A Wolf At Your Door Records) and hit the road for their first headlining tour through Europe and the UK. The quartet comprising vocalist Ben Lumber, both guitarists Theo Sandberg and Alex Freemans, as well as drummer Konnor Bracher-Walsh are known for their emotional, melancholic and ambient sound which underlines heavy breakdowns and atmospheric melodies. Anthemic choruses and screamed verses support the honest and emotive lyrics which Ben delivers alternating between calmly sung melodies, screams and emotional belts and outbursts. The alternation between melodical calmness and heavy breakdowns creates a unique dynamic and an almost haunted atmosphere at the same time. For their raw live shows Jack Rogers joined the band on the bass.

The Black Heart opened its doors around 7pm filling up quite quickly. First up was the Brighton based Nu Metal trio Profiler. Showing influences of early Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit, they mix spoken and screamed vocals with driving power chords and anthemic choruses. With their energetic vibes they got the crowd excited and prepared for the following acts.

Next up was the alternative metal quintet Captives from Leeds who set the vibes with a mix of heavy guitar riffs and an alternation between anthemic melodical choruses and screamed verses. Having just released their debut EP ‘Ghost Like You’ (2019, self-released) earlier this year, they got the crowd singing along and screaming all the lyrics back to the stage.

Third band on the stage was the Manchester based emotive hardcore outlet Parting Gift. The quartet created a dark and melancholic vibe with their mix of raw ambient sounds and heavy guitar riffs as well as a mix of anthemic choruses and partly screamed vocals. With the almost monochrome lighting the haunted and moody atmosphere was even stronger and more present, perfectly setting the vibes for the final band.

With Acres entering the stage, the crowd let go of all the energy they stored until the end. Everyone sung along and enjoyed themselves by jumping and moving around which was highly appreciated by the guys in the band. Acres played a good mix of their songs with the focus on their just released debut album including ‘Deathbed’, ‘Medicine’, ‘Lullaby’, ‘Lonely World’, ‘Talking In Your Sleep’, as well as some of their older releases such as ‘Miles Apart’, ‘Write Home’, ‘Unwelcome’, ‘In Sickness’ and ‘Tallest Of Mountain’. Ben’s vocals and the rest of the guys’ performances were on point seamlessly switching between the raw melodies and energetic heavy parts. Both the audience and the band seamed to have an amazing time and Acres highly appreciated the support, energy and participation of the crowd.

The small size of the venue and the dark light enhanced the vibes of all the bands’ music, adding to the atmosphere of each set. Considered the size of the venue, the acoustic was balanced despite some technical issues.

Overall, it was a great evening with amazing bands, good music and an energetic crowd. Both, the bands and the audience seemed to have a great time and enjoyed their evening. It was definitely a special time and having seen Acres before, they never failed to impress with their rawness and unique sound, and always put together an energetic set.

Venue: The Black Heart

Band: Acres

Support: Profilers, Captives, Parting Gift

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